Drimnagh School Mourne Road used to house "refugees"

No empty buildings or community premises empty or occupied are safe anymore anywhere in Ireland.

Irish people are waking up to the invasion reality that can and will happen any day or night anywhere in Ireland.

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This has nearly 10K views right now.

Drimnagh is on it’s second night.


Sure that’s grand… and in the summer, andoh well what about night time, the schools are empty you know. :thinking:

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Deep clean, that phrase… means nothing.

The “fash” watchers turn up some intersting anecdote, maybe an interesting story if true, of school premises being used to subsidise commercial interests for the festive seasons.

Src: https://twitter.com/EamonnVIDF/status/

“Far Right” watching too!


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" New group launched against ‘hate and division’ protests in Drimnagh

A new group has been launched to counter the recent protests outside Our Lady of Mercy, Mourne Road school in Drimnagh.

Sinn Fein councillor Daithi Doolan said: "The local school was used to house refugees over Christmas. Protests against this turned very ugly, with lies and misinformation used by far-right groups to whip up fear and hate.

“Drimnagh For All is resolved to support inclusion and solidarity with minorities who come here temporarily, or to live in this area. We will reflect the true spirit of the Drimnagh community. The majority of this community will join together in a series of positive events to push back against the hate and division that has been deliberately stoked up.”