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This sounds like a really stupid way to raise tax revenue. Why not just go the direct route and cut out the cost of operating these tolls by hiking the road tax?

If they toll the entire M50 (that’s the proposal, any journey no matter how short will incur a toll), there will be commuter carnage.

I already dodge the tolls, just how more conveluted are my routes going to get!

If they toll the Jack Lynch Tunnel there will be mayhem, both traFFIC wise and in terms of civil annoyance and possibly unrest

No there won’t. People will have a moan on Neil Prendeville for a few days, but they **will **cough up in the end.

Nope dont agree, with a potential € 110m on the table for Knocka the thought of the tunnel being tolled will be literally the straw,or everyone goes back via Water Street


That would be carnage!

“Neil, wat am I going to do boiy? 'Tis the only place I can get me langer out in peace. Dis is war Neil!”

“Neil, dis is outrageous! Dey want to put a toll on de tunnel of self-love. Dat’s outrageous boiy!”

“Neil, wat’s de storey? Are dey trying to drive us all back on to planes?”

For the M50 they should toll the whole road, but only something like 50c and then scrap the big tolls on just the bridge. I always thought it was a bit silly that only people using the bridge pay the toll.

They should also reduce road tax on private cars but bump up the price of petrol. Why should someone who harldy ever drives pay the same tax as someone who drives a lot.

Why not just double or triple the price of petrol and abolish tolls, vrt and road tax. That will tax the real road users and polluters.

Fuck that. I never buy new cars, I get off before the M50 toll, and I drive 30,000km per year. I’m getting a bargain :wink:

Because that will be unpalettable. In '09 we had a carbon tax. In '10 we had additional duty on transport fuels, but none on heating. Now the toll option must be excercised. When that is done there will be more carbon tax, if there are no new tax unnovations to be found.

People made employment and accomodation decisions based on the road network as it was. To retrospectively impose tolls is a kick in the teeth for many. Assuming a two euro toll each way, this is a €20 per week extra bill for somebody commuting to work, or approximately €900 per year factoring in annual leave. A higher rate earner has to earn roughly double that to have €900 per year left. For many, therefore, this could be viewed as the equivalent of a €1,800 pay cut.

Not to mention the total clusterfuck that is the range of options for how to pay the tolls !

Seriously, just put a second tier of tax on Petrol & remove the tolls, how fucking hard is it to use the existing tax structures rather than spending millions to collect hundreds of thousands :unamused: :imp: XX

You forget that the toll operators need to scrape a living. :unamused:

Indeed, who else will provide directorships for all of our former ministers & lucrative contracts for the useless lumps of shite advisor’s & lobbiests :angry:

How about we introduce a ban on self-service petrol pumps the way they have in some US States; this provides a handy pool of jobs suitable for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting employment !

fuel can’t be taxed above UK price without everyone driving north again. This would result in a loss of revenue. Fuel duty/carbon tax will rise this year but only in line with the UK.

It would take a few years to introduce new tolls but they’ll surely then move to a GPS based pay as you drive system to charge for driving by road type and time of day.

FG had promised a rise in motor tax so that’s coming this year. Tax revenue had slumped with all the new low emission vehicles.

At some stage we are going to reach a point where it is uneconomical to live in this country, ie the average wage will not cover taxes,levies,tolls etc…

Then we are fecked…

Exactly, and no amount of moaning is going to do anything about it. There is no laffer curve for car slaves, or if there is, it’s a ways off yet

EDIT: looks like I might be wrong about that … 4005?f=rss

i think we will see a return to single car households soon
Funny that people forgot about depreciation as a cost per km of driving as it is a hidden cost for many people - it is when fuel costs means that the trip to Granny or the drive to Dublin for the match will cost €60 that it hits people and they start to put off the trip as it is an instant hit to their pocket that they can see

I thought that was the purpose of the EU Commision. :laughing: