Drogheda prices

Everything was massively overvalued. Everything has fallen. Everything is falling. Everything will fall much further.

We’re in falling knife catching territory now. Keep your powder dry for the next couple of years and let the shakeout run its course.

Drogheda has had horrendous oversupply for years now. When the ramp up in 2nd hand supply started in late '06 Drogheda was one of the worst culprits. It levelled off and hasn’t fallen back. Lot’s of choice there, and some of those estates out near Bettystown are miles out of town.

Really, you think prices will drop for a couple of years? Property has been out of my reach for the past few years, and now that its more affordable I am tempted by the lowering of the prices. My situation is that we have a mortgage as a couple right now, but will not in a few months. Right now we can get mortgage approval of about 200k but soon with one mortgage we’ll only be able to secure a mortgage of 120k. So buy now or hope that I’ll be able to pick up a decent place for about 150k in a years time. According to an estate agent he reckons the market is bottoming out… Of course they do tend to talk shite.

Fixed that for ya.

I don’t get you. You can get mortgage approval now for €200k but only €120k next year?

Jesus H Mick you need counciling. Don’t listen to Estate Agents (EA). They want you to buy. They don’t care what state you will be in after they get their commision.

We at the pin have been counciling for years now. We don’t have anything to gain. You will get the truth here.

I have explained many times why people should not buy for a while yet. Use the search facility on this site. Or have a look at this.
sites.google.com/a/irishhometrut … ation/Home

I hope this helps. It is meant to provide unbias info for potential home buyers.

This is something I never understood and i think i ll die not knowing WHY oh WHY do people take mostgage for 2 people knowing that it will be one person paying it in a years time (babies redundancies…)
Its a sure way to an early grave. Screw that. Do like the rest of europe does, buy small with small credit then when you pay it move up. Seems to me that unless you own 100m2
3 bed semi-d as soon as you start shaving than you are not man enough.