Drop in property prices in Cork

Does anyone have any info on propety prices dropping in Cork?

I have been keeping an eye on prices in my suburb for price drops. I haven’t seen anything yet.

interested in these myself…particularly in the price of sites. I have been told that there is a huge shortage of zoned sites around Cork and that these will “never” loose value…Any insight would be great.

there seems to be a lot of price drops in the east cork area . havn’t seen any in the city so far

the showhouse in cherryvale cloyne (17 spittal lane) has dropped 25k

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Seen a few drops in the Wilton Bishopstown area Stratton Pines went from 510k to 491k one in Donscourt started at 410k now priced at 375k.The interesting thing is I was seriously looking last summer and then decided to hold off, a lot of the houses for sale then are still for sale

big drops allover midleton area



I’ve been following prices in West Cork over the last year or so. Some asking prices have remained at peak-ish levels (and the properties have remained unsold) whilst others have been cut substantially. I don’t live in Cork and I haven’t been in the area for a few months, but I get the impression that a seller who really wants to shift a property shouldn’t be asking more than around 35% of 2007 prices.

Am relocating back to the old sod from SW France and have had mentality test ok!!
Would be interested to know more insight if possible in terms of rural / coastal properties - are most as in daft price ranges or are there any give aways in terms of the right price? I know its the length of string thing but any serious advice other than from estate agents would be great.