Drug Pushers Charter & Convention - Citizen Assembly

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It’s all totally fake and gay. You will see them bring examples of countries with weaker sentencing regimes and lower drug use. They will bring no examples of countries with harsher sentencing regimes…and lower drug use.

Varadkar and Paul Reid will with one side of the mouth bemoan drug use and wasted lives, and with the other advocate the State becomes a Drug Pusher by guaranteeing the quality of the merchandise.

You already smell cannabis all over the place. But really this is about drug use by Varadkar and Helen McEntee’s mates. All legalization campaigns have at their heart the fear that middle class commentariat has that they could end up with a criminal record. And, at a deeper level, that someone else has the right to tell what they’re doing Is Wrong. They hate being judged.

Of course this was foreseen 30 years ago by Ratzinger and JP2. This isn’t really about drugs at all. It’s about Relativism.


Weird looking 55 year old women are the regime’s shock troops in this campaign

Yoga… sun worship.

The state is already a drug pusher, pushing the pill free onto the nation’s young women - in the most fertile years of their lives, while the native population continues to dwindle


These things seem to always occur across western countries in similar timeframes and often all at once.


nobody ever actually fought a ‘war on drugs’ bar Mexico…for different reasons. Everywhere else it was political verbage. So now they can declare it failed the obvious next steps are legalisation and normalisation.

Another massive backwards step for society that will be presented as a great and liberal thing etc
I guess with a huge open door with a human train leading straight back to the sources for alot of these drugs it would be quite hard a hard thing to tackle without having to deal with nasty stuff like vetting people or checking passports…

an important aspect of this is the message it gives. The state is giving these pills during this age. Therefore you are not wanted to get pregnant at this age by wider society (whether true or not this is the message and this creates its own situation). You are a failure or whatever etc etc if you do.

Why else would they give out the pills…

Ireland used to be the youngest country in Europe, that’s what they told us anyway.
Half the population under 25.
Unlikely to be anywhere near that now
So they cover it up and muddy the statistics by bringing in all kinds of alsalam asyalum refugees, claiming to be young but many much older than that, one old fella even wears a black cap saying BOY in big letters, just to confound anyone who might be thinking that fella is actually a middle aged man!


A cross post. But relevant here too.

When Mao came to power in China there were millions of opium addicts, Mao solved the problem in a couple of weeks. Selling heroin or other drugs in China is a capital crime, the CCP will never allow a Junkie problem in China, Japan and other Asian countries are the similar, we could do the same but our ruling class are brainwashed morons. China won’t even allow Hollywood films that promote drugs or show drug taking in a positive way, Seth Rogen and other degenerates can FO. Well done China

It seems bizarre to me that an intelligent person could walk around Dublin city center and think to themselves, “wow you know what this city needs, more drugs” but this is what we have now, are there any intelligent TDs in Fianna Gael, Sinn Fein will be worse, how many of their members have links to drug gangs, its not just Jonathan Dowdall


Here we go again


During three garda interviews, Burke told investigating officers he “went ballistic” and started punching Ms McMonagle and strangling her with a rope. He said he was still holding the rope when gardaí knocked.
Burke also said he hated violence towards women. “I have a real bad temper, I just blanked I went ballistic absolutely fucking ballistic,” the killer said.
“Because I hate guards I just went ballistic, started punching the f**k out of her then strangling her with a rope. I was only trying to make her see sense.”
The trial heard evidence from Dr Dearbhla Duffy, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Central Mental Hospital, who said it was her view that Burke was “acutely psychotic” at the time of the offence and for a short period afterwards.
Dr Anthony Kearns, a now retired forensic psychiatrist who formerly worked at the Central Mental Hospital, said Burke was suffering from a mental disorder that substantially diminished his responsibility for Ms McMonagle’s killing.

The psychiatrist said the mental disorder was complicated by the accused’s use of drugs over many years.

Duterte in the Philippines did much the same AFAIK. Wasn’t there a rumour he personally pushed someone out of a helicopter?

That’s the eugenics plan 101. Huxley brother was the proponent of this, convince the women to do the aborting etc. clever and insidious. Always convince and market people to want their downfall and because they think it’s a want and a right, then you have disarmed the usual self-preservation instinct it seems. Mad how that it works. The snake. Still the snake. Whispering.

The whole birthrate narrative is a long running menace eugenics operation.

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