Drumm Guilty!

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So, what’s the likely penalty?



The Pin has been tracking the Drummer for the past eight years tracking this case but today someone thinks the Pin needs a new thread :imp:

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Poor old drummer,there won’t be any sofas to hide behind in prison.

RTE says Drumm may get credit for the six months he spent in a US jail fighting extradition. Only in Ireland!

And I predict that the Judge will equate 5 months in a US prison to be worthy of 12 months off his sentence here, seeing how cruel and rough US prisons are by our standards!

id assume he will get 5 years - the 5 months. not enough but at least its something

What’s the betting he wins on appeal?

What’s Karen O’Connor’s record on sentencing like?

Tom Humphries sentencing: ‘Thoughtful and conscientious’ judge with reputation for ‘relative leniency’
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Man who drove off after hitting cyclist given community service
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He was not acting alone, was he the fallout guy. Where are the rest and sundry of Anglo Irish bank. Who underwrited his largesse and who were the guarantors for the borrowings. There will be many unanswered questions here. There were a pack of fraudsters in that bank, too numerous to be mentioned.

He was hardly a patsy or counter clerk,he was the CEO so yes,the buck stops entirely with him.Stop making excuses for this fucker.

the damage was already done before Drumm took over as CEO in 2004

Over-reaction. Nobody is making the case to excuse him.

id like to see the then acting governor of the central bank and financial regulator both implicated as well, Drumm and Casey et al are the scapegoats.

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Former Anglo CEO David Drumm sentenced to six years in prison
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Former Anglo CEO David Drumm ‘ready’ for today’s sentencing, accepts ‘it must be custodial’
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Not nearly long enough.

I see he got leniency for time served in the states. Was the fact he ran off to the states in the first place and then fought extradition factored in at all? It doesn’t sound like it was.