Dub council to spend €153m on development land for new apts

Noticed this article today in the local free newspaper the “Dundrum Gazette”. Doesn’t seem to be an online version so I’ve typed it out:

This all seems bizarre to me. There are hundreds, if not thousands of empty apartments in nearby Sandyford, Carrickmines and on the Enniskerry road. Why on earth does the council plan on spending millions on land to build more? Who would want to buy one, especially with the extra 43k slapped on the price? Just who owns this land anyway that the council are planning to buy? Am I missing something?

Is there anyone out there who knows more about this development plan?

I know nothing about the area but sounds GUBU

Even after all this time, that is still one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever read. I literally started laughing out loud at: “The council is conscious of the fall in land values over the past three years and we are considering the implications of this for the Levy Scheme,” a spokesperson said". Are you fkn kidding me? Conscious? Holy mother of God.

Thanks for posting Jack.

I really didnt think I could be further surprised by jaw droppingly fucking stupid CC/Govt decisions,I was utterly wrong.


Probably the same councilors to a man that 5-10 years ago pushed through the insane overdevelopment plans to create the concrete jungle that small villages like Sandyford/Stepaside have become.

We need their names to be remembered so that we can punish these utter gobshites at the next council election. Are they really this f**king stupid or are the brown envelopes that stuffed that they can push ahead with this.

So before a bent nail is badly hammered into an untreated timber frame, a one-bed shoebox has a base cost of 43,000 euro…

I realise that this might seem like a silly question.

Who owns this land that the council feel obliged to buy for the common good?

Or even who will shortly own the loans that were taken out to buy the land that the council feel obliged to buy for the common good…

edit: it’s a very silly question - commercial confidentiality and all that…


I notice the Kilternan/Glenamuck Residents Association were also active last year → … clnk&gl=ie

Kilternan village centre gets council green light → braypeople.ie/news/kilternan … 39387.html

Isn’t the DLRCC the one where all those People Before Profit guys got elected to last summer? I appreciate that the plans most likely have been put in place during the previous council but I would have at least expected to hear of one of them going for shit on the council floor over this - or the political equivalent.

Don’t get sucked in by this nonsense yogan …

It’s political spin generated by Lee himself in the local Gazette Freesheet. In his constituency. About property. With George asking all the tough questions (my ass). Why doesn’t he ask his party to find out what the fuck’s going on and instruct them to STOP ?

His Party (Fine Gael) are the largest party on that Council with 11 seats out of 28. Labour are second with 8. Between them they control the Fuckin Council.


Spin and Politics. Move on. :imp:

Rant over !

Ah Proximo, you make it sound like I like FG more than FF. Or Labour more than either of them. Roaches, rats, and fleas. All local politics is corrupt all the time. I recently had the disappointment here in Offaly of finding out that the righteous independent that I gave a nod to was an idiot forcer of planning approval for building on flood-plains.

Much as I know that Kate P is a believer in local democracy, I am not. I am a believer, maybe, in local administration, but with the caveat that, like the gardai, you can’t be an administrator in your local area! I’m sure there are other administrative safeguards that could be brought in. Either that or we employ only Inuit who get their instructions through a translation service in Kamchatka.

edit: oh and I don’t for a moment believe that it is only FF that have developer/‘investor’ friends. The FG response to the guaranteee and NAMA has been supine enough for me to believe that they are all up to their tits in it. Hark, it that the tumbril?

Their names are here:
And their contact details are here:

I’ve worked in local authorities - please don’t imagine that officials are not capable of actions as least as horrifying and mystifying as those of elected representatives. Did the County Management resist the plans for Sandyford, that totally overran sewage and water capacities and had to be brought to a screaming halt? And did it approve planning permissions in that area, severely criticised by An Bord Pleanala for allowing that bizarre mix of industry and residential development, without a Local Area Plan ?

Possible the worst planning in Ireland…

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y30601.asp

Come to the Dark Side yogan … feel its power … :stuck_out_tongue:

My intention was only to debunk George’s false heroism. Not to have a cut at you.

I’m delighted to hear that you do not prefer Fine Gael to Fianna Fáil … wise this of you … :smiley:

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St. Lukes! Bertie is your Father!

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Ah but I like fleas better than I like roaches. I like rats better than both. Very tasty rats…

Very Joycean altogether WGU.