Dublin 7 - Cabra Schools

Hi all,

Am looking at a few places around the Navan Road (Cabra Cross area) up and around toward the Hole in the Wall pub.

Anyhow, am thinking long term in terms of children (which we don’t currently have).

Have any pinsters got local knowledge on what the area is like for primary schools?

Many thanks

I went to St. John Boscos and it was a very good school back then, my cousin has two of her kids there. My sister went to St. Catherines on Ratoath Road which she was going to send her own daughter to but the commute wouldn’t work out. I hear the Gaelscoil down by the GAA club house is good too but I’ve been out of the area for a good while so my info may not be up to date.

No more than going to School in Grangegorman :slight_smile: I didn’t realise there was an educate together in the Cabra area, handy to know.

I have heard positive reviews of that ET school

That Grangegorman E.T. school is supposed to be a good one, just moved into a new building too. High demand for places so apply early

ET only discriminate against the disorganized :nin

My daughter is starting in the D7ET in September and from our first visit we got a really good vibe, just very friendly and organised. It should be moving to the DIT campus in Grangegorman (just up the road) in a couple of years. Don’t waste any time getting names down though - it doesn’t have a sibling policy either.

I’ve heard very mixed things about the other schools, including the Gaelscoil.

Thanks all.

No sibling policy in my opinion is idiotic.

SerialPartier… thank jeebus you posted this. I hadn’t realised. I have my first kid registered and guaranteed a place. I just called about my second (four weeks old) and the list is already oversubscribed. I will likely get a place though (due to drop offs) if I get an application in today. How disorganised was I having a winter baby!!!

Teehee Mantissa. Very true!! :slight_smile: My favourite rant these days is in relation to irish schools who will priortise non irish speaking catholics over irish speaking heathens.

My first was a winter baby too and it’s something I’ve actually thought about a lot with the long lists for the ET. I know of one in Glasnevin that operates a lottery of all the names entered for the year. In a way, it’s irritating because there’s no pay-off for being organised and getting the child’s name down early. But maybe it’s fairer in cases where the school is quite massively oversubscribed. Because otherwise you are discriminating against people not necessarily for failing to put the name of the child down early enough (which is one thing) but for having the baby in December or later! It’s a de facto first born, first served policy. (I’m only being semi-serious here.)

Now like I say I freely admit I have thought about this too much :smiley:

And I’m glad you got the heads-up in time!

If you think you thought about it too much…eh I PLANNED for my first child to be born May to September, just to get into schools. As an atheist I have less school choices. Then second baby was a surprise. :slight_smile:

Got form in this morning. Pheww! :slight_smile:

What is the rationale for a school not having a sibling policy? It would be terribly awkward and indeed odd to have brothers or sisters in different schools without some good reason.