Dublin Airport Chaos

In fairness, he knows who’s paying the bills…as Bruce Springsteen once sang ‘Pay Me My Money Down’…

Did he do a vox pop back in 2019 on the matter?

If he didn’t he should really do one right now, somewhere in the heart of Dublin City, le the thing, somewhere with a bit of hustle and bustle, I know, Liffey street, the Quays that kind of place, some boots on the ground public broadcasting with the public, live stream, might even get some likes and a few donations… or better yet, go down to Dublin Airport and get a feel for the mood of the peeps.

Because Europe has let in people who would love to bring down planes

Sack hundreds then try to rehire under these conditions. Personally I think it is reflective of the wider socio economic situation. Can’t get anyone to fill jobs like that for poor pay and conditions? Bring in EU workers. Pay and conditions too poor to attract them? Bring in workers from outside the EU.

How anyone can have any doubt as to one of the major causes of the crush loading of demand for everything and the drop in standards of living is beyond me.

When did people first start talking about a race to the bottom? They were right. It’s analogous to another issue not touched upon. Everything is a chain store now. No true competition. Leads to huge , unrepresentative, power. Almost 20 years ago I remember a US focused documentary called ‘Walmart the high price of low cost’. It seemed like it was just a US issue. Here we are.


And now the buses. Just stay at home folks.

Was flying out of Dublin on Monday. Security queue was 20 mins. Airport very busy but moving. Hilarious complaints from business class having to queue.

But did notice that everywhere the shelves were bare. Very odd. Of course there is a market solution… Raise wages. I’d be happy to spend an extra 5 per ticket if I could speed through. I’m old enough to remember getting onto flights in 30 mins. Got one in Stanstead with 10 mins to go once.


Quick report. Flew back a few days ago. Flight was Aer Fungus - 30 mins late but at least it showed up. No delays anywhere in Nantes. And none in Dublin. Passport control was straight through and only 10 min delay on bags.

About 200 bags stored in a quiet area and a lovely selection of golf clubs awaiting their owners.

Airport was average busy for a Friday evening.

Oh one more thing. There was no food on either leg of the flight. Both airports out of sambos? Strange but true.

Unbelievable and unprecedented…

Worker shortage!

Thousands of people with nowhere to stay tonight. And with Garth Brooks fans, Ukranians, Georgians, Albanians and Algerians taking up every bed and tent available there is almost zero chance of them finding anywhere overnight.

(Presumably if the flights don’t leave - they can’t return? Meaning thousands more inbound passengers also disrupted.)


Looks like a test.

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