Dublin Airport Stabbing Frenzy Terror Attack - Man of African looking lineage arrested




'You’re not going to be safe all the time, everywhere’, Helen McEntee


In the top image above, a multilevel car park that got built but never used for fear of terrorist attack.
That would be more than twenty years ago, and may still be ‘out of service’
How has the DAA not managed to address the threat and get the car parking working after so much time?
(The multilevel subsequently build directly in front of the main terminal is not much further away and is busy 24 hours)


They got the perp, but there must be some sort of mistake here.

This is the lead story on broken news

Is that because perp is black?

Maybe he identifies as A.I.!? :man_shrugging:

50 year old coming to pay your pension


Broken news eventually updated to main story just in time for dinner with the “man arrested” headline, seems similar tactic in the other menace outlets.

These kind of events have been reported as terrorists attacks in the recent past iirc.

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Ireland is on that map

Terrorist attacks on transport score 3. The delicately euphemistic “Nuclear miscalculation” beats that with a stronger “impact” score of 4. By contrast, the “Accidental…release of a hazardous pathogen” and “Assassination of a high-profile public figure” feel barely worth bothering with: each scores a paltry 2. Highest-scoring of all is “Pandemic”, with a splendidly robust 5. Admittedly “Civil Nuclear Accident” scores 5 too. But “Pandemic” also threatens “up to 840,000 deaths”. So it wins.

The alleged stabbing incident occurred between 11am and midday when it is understood a non-national began randomly stabbing members of the public outside the building.

It’s the headline now.

What about an inquiry how a deranged and extremist terrorist was allowed into the country?

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“random attack”


Possibly 2 involved.


OK, so are we talking about a non-national here or a new-national?

Why? Looking at the photos, WTF difference does it make?

The story is almost scrubbed form the various msm sites via placement out of immediate view, it’s currently at the bottom of the RTE front page.


For the comments too.


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The scene is currently preserved for a forensic examination by the Garda Technical Bureau.

The Gardai are looking for witnesses to the alleged incident, Your average airport has more cameras than Hollywood.