Dublin Airport Stabbing Frenzy Terror Attack - Man of African looking lineage arrested

That is actually sickening, given that they will be out with the begging bowl again soon. Their ads with the tagline “truth matters”, or something similar would be funny were it not so serious.

Well yeah, but…

How’s the gaff hunting going?

Its not. Things like this dont help. Seriously though prices are shocking. I was watching cheap Irish houses which is where the brainwave came from. I dont know where these cheap houses are. I aint seeing em.

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The AI article was also probably to distract form this.



Im sure he was one of the most vulnerable and this attack was mostly peaceful.

Smoking is a leading cause of global warming and carbon emissions, obviously he had to be stopped

The Herald went front page with it the next day

Calm down peeps. It wasn’t a new arrival, it was an old arrival. So there, yis racists.


Interesting phraseology - “he has lived in the Republic for over a decade, has secured status to stay indefinitely”. Suggests he was not a bona fide refugee (there’s a surprise) but a shyster who brazened it out long enough to get the golden ticket.

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Maybe the government told him to ‘self deport’ but somehow he never got round to it
And never informed the minister

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Again, 50, on welfare. Not paying anyone’s pension. Or the country’s debts.


“He had a mostly peaceful 10 years. Until he singled out a white person to stab in a crime that was definitely not racially motivated”


Will he be kicked out now? If not it really makes a mockery of the system. Was probably waiting for his irish passport under helens amnesty

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Can you imagine the hysteria if it was the other way around? We’d never hear the end of it. All white men would be demonised, like they were when that young teacher was murdered jogging, except eh…it wasnt a white man who done it

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Still no charges here. I assume he’s saying all sorts of anti-white stuff and they’re trying desperately not to charge him with a hate crime and have sent to the mental hospital instead.

“He’s definitely legal…we’re just not sure when he came…and he lives in a hostel”

He is an African migrant but has been legally living in Ireland for around 15 years.

It’s understood he had been living in a hostel until a few days before the attack
Gardai probe Dublin Airport stab suspect's 'strange behaviour' in days before attack - Irish Mirror Online

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Was he ever ordered to self deport?
Or is that a question our media refuses to ask?

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There’s outright lying going on from the Gardaí

Was: “we’re trying to get his story. Piece it together”
Now: “we haven’t even questioned him”

While the Garda initially said he was being questioned at a north Dublin Garda station, he was taken to hospital on Sunday afternoon and has remained there.

Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin, confirmed gardaí and other emergency services had responded to “a public order incident outside Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport” on Sunday. They added a man in his 50s had been hospital within a number of non-life-threatening injuries and a suspect, also in his 50s, was arrested.



This pathetically soft approach is why all sorts of nuts , criminals and hard core islamist terrorist types will flock to Ireland. With welfare its the perfect combination.

One way of looking at the crazy riots in france is that…at least the french fought back to a certain extent, with security forces. Ireland may yet go down without a peep. Surprising after all the history

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WTAF? Clownland truly