Dublin apartment prices


Hi. Just wondering what people this of buying an apartment in Dublin for 500k?

This wont include the 2.5k management fee.

Do you need to pay property tax in an apartment complex?

So difficult to rent in Dublin with a family currently


I’m starting to think that we’re in the midst of an apartment bubble, McWilliams seems to be saying something similar. Unlike the last national bubble which was driven by domestic debt, this one seems to be driven by foreign investors so it’s harder to figure out when or if it will peter out, even as the market gets glutted.

In other western markets like Canada, Australia, London and NZ there’s plenty of reports of vertical ghost estate blocks driven by foreign investors but it’s hard to know who really owns what until there’s a pop.


Why not buy a house just outside Dublin with a car. That seems a colossal amount for an apartment.

You can buy a house outside the main areas too. I have friends that recently bought a 4 bedroom house in Goatstown for 560K Euro. You can buy a 3 Bedroom house in Kildare now for less than 300K Euro and if you avoid the traffic you can get to many places in Dublin quite quickly.


So difficult - yea, is an understatement.

So you want to rent a gaff for your family. You stroll over to daft:

Select rent house, Dublin City, Area - don’t mind - ok, you get 500 listings, so you couldn’t’ be bothered scrolling, you think well I should narrow it down to an area, so you pick Dun-Laoghaire, grand - you only need a 3 Bed, you select 3 bed min, 3 bed max, grand, Daft finds you 2 properties.

€2,300 per month or €5,495 per month.

Rrrriiight, you try another area… Dundrum, Daft finds you 1 property, €2,500, o-k but sure you’d prefer to actually be more Donnybrook than Dundrum truth be told, so you switch Area to Donnybrook, sure it’s full of gaffs.

Daft finds you 2 properties, 5,000 pm and 3,456 pm.


Feck it ya say, I’ll bargain bin it and try Ballbriggan, the children won’t mind the 3 hours commute to school each way - DAFT, hit me!!!

DAFT: Gusmann I have found you 2 properties, €1700 per month each but there is a catch, one house is only available for a 3 month let.

Gusman: :icon_eek:

DAFT: Gusman, would you like me to contact the owner?

DAFT: Gusman?

DAFT: Gusman are you there Gusman?

Nice apartment dude! :dipso:

Ok it’s all hypothetical (except the daft search!) but ffs, it would drive you mad, don’t be driven mad by the madness and do something mad… TED.

Is the moral to my hypothetical story (based on real world daft search).

It’s beyond cruel what is going on in the rental sector. I’ve never seen anything like it ever.

It’s out of this world.


Open Window - you made me smile! What a bloody great post. I will drink a toast to you with what remains of my vin rouge cest soir. Bon nuit.