Dublin Apartment Rents - Then and Now

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July 30th 2000

£375 in 1995, is E476 or E713 with inflation = Dublin 2, 1bed apartment 1995 (no parking)
£700 in 2000 is E889 or E1210 with inflation = Dublin 2, 1 bed apartment 2000 (no parking)
£800 in 2000 is E1016 or E1384 with inflation = Dublin 2, 1 bed apartment 2000 (with parking)

a lot of the IFSC apts had section 23 allowances; presumably that accounted for a lot of the 270k

I remember being told on boards or somewhere that rents will always rise but your mortgage payments willl stay the same.

From the same archive.
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 757038.asp

I was paying around the £700 mark in 2000 renting a shoebox 1 bedrooom apartment in Dublin 8, no parking. There was very little in the way of new build apts in D2 in those days. If you were a renter looking to live in the city centre it was mostly D1 or D8.

I was paying about £700 for a 2-bed in Temple Bar in 2000 - second bedroom was tiny!

The Q2 Daft Rental Report (p.7) says the average asking rent in D2 is €934:

daft.ie/report/Daft-Rental-R … 2-2010.pdf <<<<<<<<<< PDF Warning!

If I am reading OP correctly, the real 1995 figure was €713. We appear already to be below the real 2000 number.

I think this caps further rent falls at 20% if we take 1995 as ground zero for the bubble. Allowing for at least *some *structural growth in the last 15 years (right??!!), that figure is likely at the upper end of the scale and we are probably no more than 10% off the bottom for rents. That is to say, 1997-1998 levels or something.

At that point the discussion becomes about the overshoot.

What year was rent allowance introduced in Ireland?