Dublin Bus

More and more reports of bus cancellations due to driver shortages

Who fancies split shifts in the most expensive place in Ireland where your salary wont permit you to live

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How can anyone afford to drive a bus when the cost to rent a gaff is €2k a month?

The answer isnt more migration, it’s cheaper gaffs.

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The result will be, and is, an increasing number of people per household. Third world overcrowding eventually.

This is the ireland, EU, UK , Canada, NZ and Australia being created. All focused on short term problems, causing bigger long term ones.

It is no exaggeration to say that the most prosperous and advanced nations the world has ever seen are on route to self extinction. Birth rates are already below replacement.

Further into the future I guess the beneficiaries of this and those who inherit their wealth will live in gated communities a bit like South Africa today

Was over in New Zealand in August and they have a massive shortage of bus drivers is their big cities. The State had just agreed to fund big pay rises to attract them in