Dublin Central is closing down

I’ve decided to close Dublin central down. Places on the periphery of the city are getting too close to call. Please post in the relevant sections.

Harrolds cross → Dublin South
Marino ->Dublin North
Kilmainham → Dublin south

I’m going to follow Myhome.ie as much as possible.

PS Only if the uber mods agree. :imp:

Good call.

I was just thinking to myself there, that the price drops record is working out remarkably well. At the beginning, whilst I thought it was a good idea, I could never forsee it working. Shows the committment and enthusiasm of the posters on TPP.

Damn me for posting so many price drops. :blush:

Comical will be gunning for you… :smiley:

Is Central / Unclassified ok??? :question:

Yes, thats grand. For places in town it can cause some confusion for posters.

I am going to put up announcements/stickies (if ok) in each of the dublin threads with hints on finding price drops with google cache and suggested guidelines on the title of the post, ie postal address, rather than an area, swords comes to mind :laughing:


Swords is a unique and wondrous place. :smiley:

Looks like your prophesy came to pass…even if it took a pandemic to cause it

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