dublin city apartments prices 2016 - Up, down or no change

Wondering what Pinsters think will happen with Dublin city centre apartment prices in 2016?

The general view on Dublin property prices in 2016 seems to be very modest or no growth as a result of CB lending rules.

But given the crazy rents around and uncertainty about global stock market could investor cash drive up apartment prices given the relatively good yields to be had?

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I think we’ll see price rises. The pattern is still price rises in properties below €300k and a stagnant market or price falls above that.

There’s a bit of panic about the 10% ftb vs 20% non ftb deposit but when you break it down the max difference in deposits is €22k which if prices are stable can be paid off a mortgage balance fairly quickly.

The rise in rental prices has stabilised a bit with the two year rules and increased understanding of Part 4 but it’s still tough out there as a renter and fairly attractive as an investor.

Finally anything built post 2006 is far more liveable long term then pre-2006. A newer two bed is fine with one young child.

I can only see prices rising as the housing shortage increases. There is nothing much being carried out in the building business, not enough profit for builders. The governments idea of giving large amounts of money to County councils to build houses will take about two years to get off the ground. Anyway, the Councils are really not interested in becoming builders. It will only be mostly social housing that councils will be involved in, not private housing. There is no solution to the housing business in the near future.

In general a price rise of circa 5%.

However the Docklands area could see a rise of 10% - 15% for the nicer , larger properties.

3 to 4% rise on 2 bedroom apartments.

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You’re some craic. Did you even read the other posts before you formulated that? Every post in this thread is bullish. No-one has predicted a drop.

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