dublin city bull trap?

I had a look at daft watch this evening:

and as I looked at the image for dublin city, I thought it reminded me of the property market phases graph which I first saw posted by Green Bear:
irvinehousingblog.com/wp-con … manias.jpg

so I took the dublin city image and flipped it upside down and then I looked at it along side the bull trap (zoomed in). I thought they looked a little similar. Am I getting ahead of myself in thinking that there was a dublin city bull trap?

Here are the pics, first the bull trap and then the flipped dublin city pic:

the bull trap:


the flipped dublin city pic:

Mmmmmmmm… !!! :open_mouth:

A closet chartist … !!! :slight_smile:

The bubble phase graph shows the bull trap taking place AFTER the peak of the bubble, whereas your graph shows the “bulltrap” stage taking place at a time before the peak. Since you turned the supply chart upside down, time is now running from right to left.

You know, if you rotate an an old uneaten pizza the right way, it can look like a pie chart representing any economic indicators you want. Come on man, keep it real.

Stingy, quit trolling the board just because you were banned for a day.

I made a legitimate point on the topic of the thread. If you disagree with my post, youre free to post a rebuttal.
Play the ball, not the man, provost

It’s flipped vertical not rotated. time dimension is unchanged. The text “Properties for sale in …” still reads from left to right, albeit upside down.