Dublin city commuters spend 10 hours a week at the wheel

I only spend 2.5 hours a week. Maybe I should start sleeping in there or something to get the hours up.

In all seriousness this is the sort of thing that will put people in an early grave. And these are the houses they are telling us will be protected from teh crash as they are with in 60 minutes commute of Dublin.

Thats good going whizz you must be able to walk or something. If I cycle and I work 6 days a week, I’m looking at 6 hours max. No traffic and if the weather is good :smiley: happy days!

its a 9 kilometer drive mostly on motorway going the opposite direction to the traffic. I used to cycle but it took almost an hour each way as I had to take a non-motorway route. Must start again with the nice weather!

I spend on average 90 minutes commuting every week. But I rent.

Same here, Live in Maynooth work in Intel, 10 minute commute :wink:

Why I currently like renting :wink:

Yeah but you’re living in Maynooth!!! :open_mouth:

Just kidding!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Does anyone remember who it was that said (on radio I think) that commuting was good for you :open_mouth:

Their logic being you get time to yourself between work and home.

So there lads and lasses - I recommend a MINIMUM of 10 hours a week in yer cars. Anything extra is a bonus.

Open window, Whizzbang, Calina and Shirley your only fooling yourselves.


Approx 5 hours a week for me, Dundrum to south city.

Traffic on the Stillorgan road into Donnybrook is dreadful. :open_mouth: There are just too many people in cars. I have to drive during the week but outside work hours I don’t drive unless it’s really necessary. Almost everyone I know drives everywhere, regardless of whether they need to.

It was a report in the Evening Herald and here it is:

plus if I remember rightly they didn’t mean driving, per se…

Ah 25 minutes in the evening and 15 in the morning for myself. The joys of Ireland’s second city.

Actually there was a small piece in The Phoenix magazine about commuting and being stuck in traffic.
The parents would be in the front of the car cursing the politicians and calling them all manner of names with the frustration of it all, while the kids would be sitting in the back listening to all this.
The upshot of all this is that it would be very difficult for the children to vote for these politicians later on as the constant name calling would have stuck in their minds from an early age.
Makes you wonder alright.