Dublin empties

I’ve been trying to document some of the Dublin empties. The ‘lack of supply’ narrative annoys me because it suggests that we just don’t have any houses to sell, when the reality is that the lack of supply is deliberate by the govt, banks, receivers and developers. There’s loads of empty properties in my part of town - which is also arguably the bubbliest in recent times. Note that these are all long term empties; they have been sitting unused since before the crash, so now 6 years or more

I’ve mapped some of them and I’m looking for help or nominations of empties to be added to the list - anywhere in Dublin Ultimately I’d like to ask our politicians why they are allowing a frenzy to develop in Dublin, with people panicking about property purchases and prices back to peak levels in terms of affordability, when we still have so much unused stock in all parts of the city.

EDIT: I’m going to add suggestions to this first post until/unless it becomes unwieldy

Brehon Court
4 “family homes” that were sale agreed, then the sales stopped by the vendor/bank. Current status unknown other than they are empty.

google.com/maps/@53.268797, … 6QCgFA!2e0

Robin Hill
The developer here went bust, something funny happened with the title. A lot of the apartments in the (small) block have been sitting empty ever since. I’m guessing at 10 empties

google.com/maps/@53.275556, … h-KKSw!2e0

Wyckham Point
In receivership, since Feb 2013. So more than 12 months and there has not been a sniff of any activity since. Estimate 200+ empty units

mapsengine.google.com/map/edit? … duzBIVc1wA

Dundrum Town Centre

On the slip road at the back of the centre there are what appears to be about 15 unfinished apartments.

google.com/maps/@53.286689, … a9-02w!2e0

Main St Dundrum

3 lovely period houses on Dundrum main street. Were commercial, now empty for several years. Could be very nice “family homes”. There’s a couple of smaller ones next door as well, formerly Joe Daly cycles.

google.com/maps/@53.290368, … pl-Fow!2e0

Hawkridge, Lucan

An estate of 4 bed detached houses in Lucan. Didn’t sell at the top of the market

google.ie/maps/@53.353999,- … CTECqg!2e0

Shieling Square, Raheny

Unknown number, looks like at least 100 apartments?

google.ie/maps/place/Shieli … b112b30dcb


google.com/maps/@53.288252, … DsoRkA!2e0

Tallaght, New Bancroft

Hundreds of empty apartments

google.com/maps/@53.286738, … 8_wLxA!2e0

A commendable thread to start - well done. Ill get busy with the camera this weekend and post some too. Let’s turn this into a mega-thread. :slight_smile:

They are all google street view images, although I’ve been past each one in person in recent days or weeks as well so the status is right up to date.

I’ve started to peg them on a google maps ‘custom map’ and I’m trying to figure out how to make it a collaborative effort to update.

For now if you have any suggestions you can copy the URL from google maps when you are ‘looking’ at the property in question and paste it in here

Shieling Square in Raheny


Do you know anything about it? Number of units, is it empty or partly occupied?

It’s a building site on google street view, active, with people working

Good thread.

Hawkridge. An estate of 4 bed detached houses in Lucan. Didn’t sell at the top of the market > ??? > Profit.

google.ie/maps/@53.353946,- … Oppcdw!2e0

Cheers Howitzer, I’ve added it to the first post of the thread

boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … p=83954399

According to a recent Boards thread it is finished c. 2 years and empty.

And this site photopol.com/sheiling/finished_product.html has many fine photos.

Jesus, is this really empty?

Massive blocks of empty apartments blocks and commercial in Tallaght. I’ll put up pictures when I’m out there next.This is exactly the thread I have been meaning to start for quite a while.
Lack of supply is a myth. I can see it everywhere.

Well, its a lack of supply rather than a lack of inventory.

Great thread but show me the 3 or 4 bed semis with decent gardens and in sought after areas in dublin. I’d love to be proved wrong but I just don’t think there are that many of them around

It’s all about controlling access, like when you where young and forbidden by aunty/mammy/granny to go biscuit hunting in the second layer of biccies until that layer was done, even though the much sought after good ones had been snapped up!

Also super thread.

We’ve had the substitution argument any times. In my opinion one of the key problems in the Dublin market is the high price of apartment rentals. It’s a key driver of the whole story. In Dublin, a shitbox studio costs €600, a one bed costs over €1000 and 2 or 3 beds cost 1400 and more. So people house-share.

A good friend of mine works in a job which brings him out to the community. He regularly visits 3 bed houses where there are 3 or 4 couples sharing the house - the living room converted to a 4th bedroom, each couple with one room as their own space, and a shared kitchen. This is how our family homes are being used because apartments are so expensive.

Excellent thread. I’ve long been of the opinion that there are thousands of unoccupied houses and flats in and around Dublin that are officially being ignored. Here in Bray we have 17 huge houses right in the centre of the town which have been empty for at least seven years - not all of them are fully finished, about half and half, I’d say.
They started off at €1.4m, I think and are now looking for €495k. I don’t know how many have been sold, maybe one or two are occupied, but I’m not sure.

Then again a lot of stuff was left unfinished when the boom came to an end, I assume that the idea was to keep the market from being even more flooded.

Slightly off topic, I was reading another thread recently about who could sign off on houses under some new law, I think it was an architect or an engineer. I was wondering if this was an attempt at pushing up building costs in order to shift some of the many unoccupied units in rural areas and country towns.

Great thread, put me in mind of this site on the Howth Road Clontarf

google.ie/maps/place/Hollyb … 01c16f3ced

they used to have amusing/cryptic messages on the hoarding, think they were planning a few houses, maybe a small estate - now the jokes are gone and the building stopped.

It’s like a line from a new national anthem

Excellent thread. Thanks.

It definitely has a certain (doorbell) ring to it.

Add much add I enjoy the compliments I’d be much happier to have suggestions for more empties to add to the list!

It’s been a few years since I was out there, but there seemed to be several empty/unfinished blocks near “Imaginosity” in Sandyford.