Dublin empties

Here’s one in Percy Place , D4

google.ie/maps/@53.33612,-6 … Znz5pw!2e0

Some photos of apartments that have been empty for years in Tallaght. Large office space empty also.

edit; I can’t seem to get photos to display here. Perhaps someone could advise me on what I’m doing wrong?

that’s right, all along the luas line at the square in Tallaght you’ll find rows of completed apartments and office blocks. google.com/maps/@53.288252, … DsoRkA!2e0

There are also some houses/flats across the road owned by a government body that seems to be complete yet not 100% occupied
google.com/maps/@53.288975, … 6zNsTA!2e0

Also down in Tallaght village are the “New Bancroft” ghost flats: google.com/maps/place/Apart … 01b1246646

Plus many more smaller scale ghosts flats dotted around Tallaght e.g. google.com/maps/place/Apart … 01b1246646

It looks like dropbox doesn’t allow hot linking to an image.
Here’s your photo (scaled down a bit) on imgur:

Thanks for the Tallaght suggestions. I will include them to the first post later on.

Any more suggestions? What about the north M50 corridor? Charlestown etc

Are all of the city centre buildings fully sold and occupied

Elm Park?

@FirstBass here are some more in Saggart/Citywest
google.ie/maps/@53.284462,- … sREm7A!2e0

77 Orwell Rd google.ie/maps/@53.307187,-6.26994,3a,90y,68h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1szYIptmB6w8hqiblX9uwDfA!2e0 - block of 5 apartments has been empty since it was built, 77b which is a house looks to be empty also

Block of 9 large apartments which I think are unoccupied on Sandymount Avenue

google.ie/maps/@53.326633,- … EYpAcA!2e0

Rexdon court - 2 of these went up a few weeks ago and went sale agreed very, very quickly (10 days at a guess)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2785635

Off the top of my head … as of the week of 13th May 2014 (having driven past).

This entire complex off Griffith Avenue in Dublin 9, completed and empty for a number of years;

google.ie/maps/@53.375572,- … b4ZTVA!2e0

This entire development between Malahide and Swords in north County Dublin, similarly long term vacant since completion;

google.ie/maps/@53.450786,- … WOJJZw!2e0

A dozen or so completed and “moth balled” units in Balgriffin north County Dublin;

google.ie/maps/@53.410534,- … bdTuNQ!2e0

Blue Horseshoe

Thanks Blue Horseshoe.

Clonee is technically Meath I suppose, just on the border. A mix of occupied, empty, and half-finshed out here

google.ie/maps/@53.40783,-6 … elhr8w!2e0

I’ve updated the first post with some more of the suggestions, keep them coming please


Looks like the Tallaght apartments pictured on page 1 of this thread are being ear marked for social housing;


Extensive Remedial Works.
Fair play to the State authorities for demanding that basic building standards be upheld.
Think of it … Extensive Remedial Works.
Think also of all the folk who bought TigerTime apartments and of all the folk who live in them - many not even getting maintenance yet alone remedial work.
No wonder the notion of the ‘house with garden’ - no matter how old, cold and outlandishly priced - remains so embedded as the family dwelling of choice here.

I came looking for this thread again for this very reason. There is much building related activity going on around that area at the moment. I wonder will they manage to open and fill the office and retail space around there too.

by the way, this development is called Heritage Village Saggart.

Anyone know what the story is with Hawkridge in Lucan now?

There is a huge amount of office space alright.Surely considering the “shortage” there should blue chip corporations lining up :unamused:

Hmmm … Headquartered in Tallaght … I wonder!
According to my reliable sources in construction; as with a fair skelp of the Boomtime apartments there is more than a little bit of ‘quite’ fixing going on to Boomtime office space due to dodgey construction - including our old absent friend firestopping.
The ‘Blue Chip’ boys have rather more stringent ‘due diligence’ protocols for leasing than our developers were subject to when offloading to government bodies and the firms of old sportsfield chums in happier times.

That sounds about right.As an alternative the state could move some state bodies out to Tallaght and free up office space in town.They could command a higher rental price in town.