Dublin empties

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Both of these properties are in Spencer Dock. Beside and across the road from Central Bank offices. Still a huge amount of empty residential and commercial property in this area.
Apart from all of the new empty buildings there are so many derelict buildings and above shop/office space that could be converted in to decent accommodation. You don’t have to walk far from city centre Dublin to see the level of dereliction and decay. Dorset Street and Thomas St. are just two examples. Planners, central bank officials and policy makers pass this stuff everyday and seem unwilling or unable to use this potential living and working space.



Thought I’d bump the thread given the coverage Hawkridge got this weekend.

independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 67408.html

There are finally signs of activity around the Wyckham Point empties. 200-ish apartments in one of the bubbliest of areas, it will be interesting to see when they hit, and how well the market absorbs them.

There’s a development called Elmfield in Leopardstown, it’s right opposite The Gallops Luas stop. Only one block of apartments is inhabited, the rest are empty and most don’t seem to be finished internally. They have been sitting there for years with no work being done, but there seems to be demand for them (I know a few people that want to buy or rent there, and they do seem to be decent apartments).

I think there are some empty/half-finished blocks in that Ballintyre development near Dundrum as well.

Lack of supply is a myth

The lack of supply is real but the constraints on supply are artificial.

An empty apartment block on the Swords Road in Malahide has gone on the market for offers in excess of 1.85 million:

independent.ie/business/comm … 12886.html

The constraints are manufactured.

The apartments around the Square Tallaght look to be finished now after flurry of building activity. No sign of anyone moving in yet though.

The New Bancroft buildings now have cranes and building going on again to get them finished.

Not sure if this is the right thread or not, as it applies to Nationwide, but found it curious all the same…

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Where are those empties though?

I’m of the suspicion that the census will show 4-5% empties in Dublin (with a large proportion of those being derelict) but thinking that there’s 90,000 houses ready to change the locks on in Dublin might be wishful thinking.