Dublin House Prices increased by 0.1% - December

If prices in Dublin increase by .1 percent and prices outside dublin decrease by .1 percent, how can the net effect be prices increase by .1 percent across ireland?

That’s not the only thing that at a glance doesn’t seem to add up

So if new is +9.6% and s/h is +10.2% … how did it go up overall by 11.8%

Must get the full report off the PTSB site and have a look.

Good job inflation is only running at 1%.

Oh no, hang on a moment…

Should be:
Decreased in real terms in December by .4%, but Irish media outlets would never refer to this.

Had to laugh at Niall O’Grady on radio “The soft landing has arrived!” a la comical ali

+0.1% in November, +0.1% in December, if that trend continues its 1.2% for the year, am, I know I’m stupid but is 1.2% between 3-6%?

I love the way the “soft landing” has arrived almost overnight too.

I have always suspected the accuracy of the headline figures used in these reports. I agree that the figures quoted above do not make sense. All in all it is another nail in the coffin for the bulls.

I have done a bit more research , according to their own figures. The average price of a house was 310,409 in November and 310,632 in December. Which is up 224 euro or .072 percent. if they are working on the basis of rounding up to the nearest .1 percent If it is a fraction of .5 or more , and rounding down otherwise. they would of have to report a no move in house prices, if houses in december were 69 euro cheaper.

So because of this 69 quid the vested interest have another month of getting away with saying house pries are going up in value.

It’s funny how these positive spins always come out on a Monday!

Slow news day, ireland.com have just headlined this! :unamused:

Did anyone catch David Murphys report on the 9 o’clock news last night. I don’t think a VI could have scripted it better. Lead with the headline that HP increased by 11.8% and it was almost a ‘by the way’ there was neglible growth in the last two months. Funnily the only outside input into the report was from an EA. No balance whatsoever!!! I can see why the IT don’t provide balance but RTE should at least be required to do so.

Newstalk’s coverage of this yesterday was a disgrace.

It was yet another example of the - “So what’s happening in the housing market? Is it a good time to buy a house? Here’s an “expert” who sells houses to tell us” - style reporting that’s been going on across the media for years. It’s lazy, negligent and irresponsible.

Let’s get something straight.

Paul Murgatroyd is NOT an economist.
Dan MacLaughlin is NOT an economist.
Austin Hughes is NOT an economist.
Geoff Tucker is NOT an economist.
…etc. etc.

They are all salesman. Just salesman, plain and simple. They may have a background in economics, but not one of them is offering independent advice or forecasts based on fact. And why should they? There is no comeback if they make false claims. If I were to appear on the radio and “advise” listeners that the ISEQ Index will rise by 5% this year, the regulator would have something to say. But when it comes to the housing market, the regulator couldn’t care less.

The “experts” listed above are not independent, free-thinking economists. The same goes for Marian Finnegan, Niall O’Grady and John Beggs. We should not listen to them. We should no longer pay attention to their views on house prices than we should listen to the Marketing Director of Ford on whether we should sell our cars and take public transport.

Rant over. Phew…I feel better already. :slight_smile:

We should send a petition/signed letter complaining about this to Irish Times/rte both of whom are supposed to be “fair and balanced” and “objective”.

Where does it say that???

I’m not sure about RTE, there’s the editorial board for the Times but they probably think they are being balanced and objective!