Dublin housing glut totals €3.6bn - Tribune

Good stuff, I’ll start getting my deposit together tomorrow

more VI ‘experts’ being given more and more media space ignoring the fact that so many of them (my fingers pointing towards Austin Hughes more than anyone) have not just been wrong but spectacularly wrong over the last 18-24 months BD

So we are for a heatwave then Ronan :wink: I’ll get me sunglasses so!
(in the market for weather predicitons :unamused: SHOK, ask for Richard , whatever will they think of next… )

Credit will also be in short supply in 2009, so will the supply of people in jobs that earn above average wages, and ironically while house prices continue to fall the cost of home ownership will continue to rise. All you bank & property economists reading this, put that in your pipe with the other strange substances you smoke and inhale deeply.

I am firmly of the opinion that a lot a Rugby/GAA etc tickets, and other such ‘corporate hospitality’ get exchanged between the VI’s and people in the media to get unquestioned coverage (Note: I am not insinuating that this is the situation in this case).

Steady realisation on other fronts might buffer this though…

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