Dublin North area boundaries

I’m totally confused about what area some properties are in. Does anyone know if a property is in “Area X” because it is in the “Parish of X”?

e.g. I have the Parish map for Killester. Parts of some roads, etc., are in Killester parish but people think they are Artane.


Apologies if posting this in the wrong part of the forum.

Have a look at the an post address checker (registration required):

anpost.ie/AnPost/MainContent … wehelp.htm

Or search for nearby properties in the Dublin city planning section:
dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/r … ia.display

You will likely get several different addresses for the same area however.

Parishes are generally not the same as the An Post areas. Largely similar, of course, but there are differences.

In the case of Killester parish vs. Artane street address, I’d say it’s more likely to be Artane. Gospel according to An Post, as it were.

Concrete example - Balheary Church is in Balheary as far as street adresses go. However, it’s Donabate parish, despite being about six miles outside Donabate and the other side of the motorway.

There’s no real (legal) boundaries on areas, they’re just amorphous blobs decided by people on an ad-hoc basis so there’s no right or wrong name.

My estate is between Santry, Coolock and Clonshaugh and on the point where two roads meet, so An Post instructed us just to use , Dublin 17 and to omit both the area and the road name.

If they’d made the estate 50% larger you could probably claim your own suburb name :slight_smile: