Dublin offices will become the new ghost estates - Irish Times


Interesting opinion piece in today’s Irish Times by Una Mullally titled ‘Dublin offices will become the new ghost estates but the capital has a chance to start again’.

"Not so long ago, Fianna Fail presided over a housing crash. In the coming months and years, Fine Gael will find its contempory legacy as the party that presided over an office and commercial property crash.

Offices will become the new ghost estates, hotels will go on sale at knockdown prices, owners of luxury student accomodation will scamble to find new uses for their buildings and the closure of chain stores, already deemed ‘the retail apocalypse’, now have a pandemic as an overwhelming catalyst"


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Pretty shit comparison with the housing bubble which was much more government driven.

The worst columnist in Ireland strikes again


Apologies. Most article are free but as you said, some are subscriber only. I assume the article will be in tomorrows print edition if anyone is interested in reading the full article.




I assume her magic economic solution is some variation of the young people and their “listening to Hozier while talking about how amazing ‘Repeal’ is” industry.



This is blog standard, sub-Grauniad opinion masquerading as analysis.

Cliff Taylor she certainly ain’t!


I think it’s a good article by Una standards. As per her MO, she puts most of the blame on politicans - in fact it’s Planners & City Manager who deserve the blame. Anyone else notice the little bollards on bike lines now ? How are bikes meant to pass each other ? Another dumb Owen Keegan decision.

Una never gets “Meta” about the consequences - many young professional typical Repeal voters extract a lot of their identity & social lives from their workplaces. What happens there ? You can’t ride Pablo in User Experience when Pablo’s in Spain. Maybe you move to Spain to ride Pablo and work remotely but even then you can’t instantly drop him to declare yourself a Lesbian with Ingrid :wink:


Oh dear…oh dear!


There is some basis for the article. Cut through the poor writing and even poorer analysis and she does have a point that the City of Dublin is now overdeveloped in areas with little regard for community / residents not to mention the overreliance on FDI.
I don’t believe you can compare to ghost estates in 2009/2010 - apples and oranges.
Also, can someone explain how a 5 storey office modern block with large floor plates, central core structure can be “turned into housing”? It can’t (without knocking it down).

I take a different view. If we see a exodus of sorts from Dublin to more remote areas and more rural living, we just might see mid-land towns springing to life and become cultural hotspots. Most towns outside the Cities could do with a “refresh” and diversity of habitants. They can be desolate places at times.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again - create a proper, modern, efficient, state run rail infrastructure and you solve most of the Countries problems from housing to health.


OP lost me at Una Mullally


Yep. Poor transport infrastructure is sucking up billions in expenditure every year through long commutes, fuel imports, high land prices, worker ill-health and worklife balance, access to specialist hospitals etc.

Gotta wonder why the powers that be won’t invest when finance costs are zero. Green bond yesterday got away at a negative interest rate.


this and comprehensive national high speed broadband would solve a lot.