Dublin place names on Google maps

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Looking at Google Maps for Dublin, I’m struck by the number of ‘districts’ that appear to have associated with them a particular name, and one that I’ve never heard anyone use. For example, in the link below, there is apparently an area called ‘Deansrath’ (which I’ve never heard of) across Northumberland Rd from ‘Beggar’s Bush’ (which is a well recognised name for that area)

maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=dublin+ … 42272&z=15

There are other examples from parts of Dublin with which I have some familiarity, eg Priesthouse in Booterstown, Friarland the other side of UCD. Do people actually use these names, and if not, would be curious to know where Google has unearthed them from. If nothing else, might point to some interesting local history. Wonder how a taxi driver would react if I asked him/her to take me to Searsons in Deansrath…

Yep sometimes my phone thinks Terenure is called Roundtown a name that has passed out of general use several generations ago.

If I was to stick my neck out and guess, I would say some companies are using old maps for their data which are no longer copyrighted and hence free to use.

Interesting. At least the practice highlights some hidden history.