Dublin to host economic forum

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18th Sept I believe…

I wonder will they be infected by the “paddy pricing” virus? It’s very contagious you know.

Is this the David McWilliams led Irish forum?

He was floating this type of idea (not for the rist time) in the SBP this week

Very old news, and a waste of time, as its designed to make FF look good, as opposed to the useless gits that they are… Only good thing is that as far as I know ,the invitees are paying their own way.

Old news? had not heard about it… :blush: In any event I don’t doubt that it might appeal to the ego of the twits in power… What I could not help wondering when I read about it was… Under the present circumstances what do St. Bob etc have to offer to the economic situation in this country?. After all didn’t he write the song Banana republic?, and as for the other luminaries surely they, having been successful abroad, must be looking on in horror at the shenanigans going on over here.


You can listen back to him tell Tubridy all about it on the Friday, August 21 show, as he protesteth a little too much about how wonderful the Minister and the Department are…

Ah Kate P. There I was thinking I was going to hear Bob Geldof on Turgidy… and all I got was the floppy-haired one!!. Ah well let’s wait until the 18th for the pronouncements from this great diaspora. :slight_smile:


Roight loike, all the stuff I said when I, loike, had nothing, roight - well that was bullshit, roight?

Coz loike, telling the man he full of it - when it just so happens that the man is me - well loike is wrong, roight?

I’m here on the Kings Road, sipping my choca mocha latté and thinking of how I could help the poor, starving destitutes. Maybe a concert loike? Get me mate Bono to do a thing about debt forgiveness? Maybe do a bit of VT of me on the ground empathising with the unfortunates loike?

Anyways, I’ll think of something for you Ireland - it’s the least I can do loike.

‘Turgid and Turgider - the Apologists’, I think is what they called that episode of the programme.

By the way, Sir Bob is probably writing the great folk song of the Irish recession as we speak. I didn’t want to mention him in case he got distracted… I know he’s finding the title difficult and since he’s run out of inspiration, he’s reworking some old classics…

“We shall over-run.”
“Namanama, hey hey, goodbye”
“Subprime Homeowner’s Blues”
"I have a hammer (and I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, if only I could)

For the floppy haired one, I understand he’s reworking that old feel-good number “What we need is a great big melting pot” but is stuck on the lyrics to truly represent the spirit of the gathering

“…keep shit stirring for a couple hours more, and turn out patriotic donors by the score,”

Can someone tell me why Celebrity members of the Irish Diaspora (who haven’t been elected by anyone) get invited
by the Irish Government to suggest ways out of this mess, whereas the opposition TD’s (who have been elected) and
thousands of citizens (who actually live here and will be paying for this mess) are pointedly ignored and/or ridiculed by
the government.

I think the lead up to this might have been something like this:

Cowan: Well, what do the focus groups say?
Consultant: There’s a perception that you’re not willing to listen to the views of people outside Fianna Fail
Cowan: OK, what do we do?
Consultant: You could listen to the views of people outside Fianna Fail

Cowan: Somebody clean up this mess, his head is over there beside the desk.
Now, does anyone have any suggestions?
Consultant2: You could invite a load of people who like to hear themselves talk, and pretend to listen to them.
Cowan: You will be my new favourite. Here, come sit on my knee. Mmmmm.


Anyone remember Live Aid ? :

Words our Government live by every day XX

Dublin to host economic forum? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Whos hosting, maybe Desperate an comical with follow up acts (ahem I mean speakers) such as de carpark attendent an de monester for health with a finale wiv Bob oi luv oirland (now get me fucking outta here). :unamused:

Maybe it’s an international economics field trip with the guest speakers there as examples of how delusional this place got!


Proposed Forum Tagslines

“So you think you’re screwed?”
“What not to do”
“Don’t’ forget to pay the €3 billion ‘Registration Fee’”
“You are not getting your great economic minds back until someone bails us out”

Addicted to Money host David McWilliams enjoys forum fees → timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 889117.ece

even more waste XX