Dublin's Early Christmas Lights Fail to Ease High Street..

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, some great quotes:


Lord Mayor of dublin: ``…we are harking back to John F. Kennedy and we are asking not what your city can do for you but what you can do for your city.’’ = 8- BD 8-

Lord Mayor of dublin:Show a little bit of patriotism,'' said Byrne. There is no point saying `I love Dublin’ but shopping in New York.’’ 8-

Gerry Harvey, chairman Harvey Norman described Ireland’s economy as ``a basket case.’’

``Putting the lights on early may have a psychological impact, persuade people to have a last fling,’’ said Alan McQuaid, chief economist at Bloxham Stockbrokers in Dublin :open_mouth: XX

You can’t force a whole generation of 20 somethings to move to places such a Naas,Newbridge, Navan, Maynooth,Kells,Trim,Portlaoise, Drogheda etc. through high house prices and not expect consequences.Most people i know now go to dublin to work and that’s it,they may venture to the outskirts of dublin to shop but that’s it ,Blanch , liffey valley, pavillions, tallaght.For me the city centre no longer even features on the radar except gigs,shows etc.
They are only just begining to reap what they have sown,it’s payback time.

Anecdotely, I was visiting a friend on Saturday night and he said that himself and his wife and both her sisters were planning a shopping trip up north in the next few weeks. None of these people have done this since the 80’s. I think that ont just Dublin is going to be hit but many of the newer shopping centers are going to be basically wiped out this christmas e.g. Athlone town centre and its nearby colleague Golden Island. These draw a lot of their custom from people who are 2 hours or less from the border. Thank fcuk I’m not in retail…

These “energy efficient” lights were made in France! (no mention of the energy used in their manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance).
The LED bulbs themselves are most likely made in China/Korea/Japan! :laughing: 8- :laughing:

I wonder what will happen to the old lights? Land-fill? BD

Also, every time you buy a new shirt in a high street shop, a large proportion of that shirt goes to line the pockets of some big property development company charging extortionate rent. I would say that in many cases, the rent to the property development company is higher than the tax paid to government. 8DD

True, I never go into town anymore. Only living a few miles from Dublin but traffic etc makes it unattractive. Just did a load of shopping on-line, Next for example is cheaper and only 5 euro delivery and heading to Newry next week. Only thing I’m supporting here is my local butcher.

I just don’t understand why this hasn’t worked. I always thought that humans were like money spending moths? :unamused:


Meanwhile, the idiocy on the m50 means that about €2,500 of my money went to Ikea in Belfast rather than Dublin last weekend. (Ironically, I drove past the (nicely lit up and apparently fully ready to open) Dublin Ikea on route back down.) Looking at the value in Belfast, I suspect I’ll be doing more shopping up there pre Christmas.