Dun Laoghaire/Sandycove - Pinster's Valuations Please

Hello all,

Would love your thoughts on how much this is worth?


Period house, brillant location next to DART and sea, lots of space, etc. Could make a basement apartment. Someone said the garden sucks and lack of privacy (e.g. next to a Church and Church Hall).

EA said that the condition is “scarey” and this would be a major refurb.

Refurbished comps are listing (not selling?) for 950-1000K euro. Hard to calculate a rental yeild but good well-maintained places in this area are renting for about 1 euro per square foot per month (e.g. you could likely get 26K per year for this, at a 5% yield that is 532K euro.) Very limited supply in this area.

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I would offer 399,999 euro, a heavy electric generator and 6 cords of wood - no more no less…