Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


independent.ie/national-news … 09918.html

Bet he wont be appliying for his free cheese from the government


I heard about that cheese. Where do I apply for some? I do hope its some nice Port Salut or Cashel Blue, wonderful with a glass of Pinot Noir.


I think it’s about time they buried old Tom Watson then. seeing as he died in that estate in 1993.


Dunner is well used to dealing with Zomibie banks so he should have no problems dealing with Zombie neighbours :stuck_out_tongue:


go west…life is peaceful there…go west…in the open air…no more no less… XX


I spoke to a bankrupt NAMA bound developer last year and asked him if he was planning on emigrating “Oh no I’m going to hang around, I don’t want to miss out on the upswing” it took a huge effort not to laugh in his face.

But it seems the penny has dropped for the Dunner and a few more that any upswing is a long way away and there will be very little money to be made in Ireland in the medium term with the exception of those few who are sitting on pots of cash and profit from others misfortune.

No doubt he will be careful in structuring his business dealings to keep any profits out of the reach of his creditors here.


Where can we get a smilie where the one with the gun doesn’t shoot himself but gives chase?




Another bankruptcy coming up? It’s not me sire, it is my fragrant lady wife…


yea, that’s what it looks like. Declare bankruptcy in the US and swan back here in a couple of years.




HAppy Days!


Out of interest, what kind of visa do these guys get (purchase?) to up sticks to the states?


A permanet visa to the states cost 1m dollars. Simple.


“and the average home sells for €1.5 million”… Cheeese, we used to get that for a 3 bed semi in Swords. It’s a long way from €65 million in Shrewsbury Road.

How is cheese made backwards? EDAM




Mrs Sean Dunne’s intended new home in the US according to the Irish Daily Mail.

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ds-newsxml


That’s a funny article. Looks like they have fallen out with the neighbours already.


Bull finds out that not all China shops are the same :slight_smile:


It was nice to see Dunner in the corporate boxes for the Ireland v New Zealand game in Lansdowne Road recently.