Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west





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Ahh poor guy, can’t make enough profit from his development in New York…


Slim pickings in bankruptcy swoop on Sean Dunne’s K Club pad - -> independent.ie/business/iris … 17308.html


The yanks are getting sick of Dunne and Killileas nonsense, especially Killileas explanation of how she suddenly became independently wealthy all of a sudden. :slight_smile:

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Probably because those “proceedings” were pulled out of Dunnes arse I should think. :slight_smile:

Locking the pair of them up for contempt would be a good start, no rush to release them or anything.


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Gayle is going to be asked a few questions.


All she has to do is have the same grasp of history as the hubby … or David Drumm for that matter. You know, the sort that makes Pat Neary look like Mr. Memory.


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‘Steps’ are being taken to ensure that she can perform fragrantly…as one wife was notably described by the beak when giving evidence on behalf of her husband.

He no more promised that bint €100m in 2005 than my dog did. Of course by 2010 he was desperate for any wheeze to protect his last €10 or €20m and concocted this swiss/irish family law double privacy lock bollox…and then promptly fecked off to the states. :slight_smile:


Translation: “Due to the possibility of an embarrassing perception that I’m lying through my hole about a conjured-up agreement, I’d like to keep it out of the news, pretty please.”


Lawyer disbarred after stealing $500k from Dunne - John Breslin -> irishexaminer.com/business/l … 75597.html


I’m sure there’s an innocent explanation about how they forgot about this particular swiss bank account
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It’s torturous


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They’re going after the Dublin home and maybe the oversized chess pieces in the living room.


I wonder if the contents will be up for sale also ?


thejournal.ie/bank-of-scotla … 2-Aug2014/

Court documents are interesting.

911sqm, current rent of 16k/mo and “forced sale” value of 4m (4.8% yield). Apparently Shrewsbury Road is a “suberb”. Superb? Suburb?

But “The former developer, who is pursuing bankruptcy in both Ireland and the United States, claims that the house is worth €7,500,000.” (2.6% yield)


Dunne is more on the right side.
One suspects his house does not require any upgrading like many of the recent sales.
10,000 sq/ft is also significantly larger than all the other penises on the road.




I’ve said it before, having been in countless large properties, it’s my observation that anything above 3,000 sq/ft is just a waste of space.
Wave after wave of unused (and usually freezing) reception rooms.
Unless you have a dozen kids, 10,000 sq/ft is all about making a statement, rather than a home.


That’s just bad architecture and poor insulation.

I briefly rented a 400+sqm (4300sqft+) house recently and was surprised at how well balanced it was. There were five bedrooms over three floors, the top one was nicely converted attic for two kids/guest rooms and a bathroom.

There was enough space for a couple of rooms on the ground floor with different uses (dining room, TV/chill out) and a beautiful first floor living room. It was lovely to “retire upstairs” to this in the evening for a glass of wine and a book, scrabble etc (rock and roll!).

I could live without the dining room (would probably use it as an office/library instead) but the space and layout was perfect. I could find uses for several additional rooms - exercise room, workshop, storage/junk, pushing it up to 450 or 500sqm easily, and that’s before getting ostentatious with swimming pools in the basement.

This has totally ruined my perspective on what constitutes a nice size family home (mine is 120sqm).


I know the feeling, I used to think it was enough to have a hard-cheese room and a soft-cheese room in a home. Then I lived in a larger place and now can’t manage without a total of 24 cheese rooms as that’s the minimum that allows me to adequately separate the main varieties (and even with that I have to completely forgo the cheeses of eastern France).


OMG, I forgot about cheese. And wine. It’s probably not a good idea to keep cheese and wine in the same cellar.