Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west

Personally I think that 2000 sq ft is about right and wouldn’t really want much more. Back in the day, I spent a fair bit of time with a family in one of the embassy roads in D4 and my experience is that even when you have 6000 sq ft you tend to use far less of it because your habits (reading, lots of tv, cooking etc) determine which rooms you use the most, not what any Architect decides or how the house ‘flows’.

This family had at least two large reception rooms that they never used simply because they liked to be together in the evenings. Most families I know in relatively normal sized houses don’t even use their full 1200 sq ft or whatever, simply because the kitchen is where the family congregate. Only when guests come around are some reception rooms used. You can see that in lots of houses where the kitchen (if it’s large enough) has acquired a tv and a sofa while the living room acquires cobwebs. I also think there is a law of the universe that says that your kids will lose interest in Pool the day you install a games room.

A cheese room would be marvellous though :smiley:

and there is me with my aspirational floor plan of a 60 sq. mt. two bed cottage which I can extend sideward, backward and upward if I discover after moving in that I need the extra space.

What about putting all the seating on the equivalent of a sushi conveyor belt to force you to flow through the house?

You’re on to something there. And the ghosts of various estates could leap out at you from behind doors as you progressed through the house before you go through a door marked ‘soft landing’ with a 50 ft drop on the other side of it


Yeah, well in case you get the wrong idea, I was an interloper with an interest in a daughter of the house, not a part owner 8)

Surprise as Dunne tries to drop US bankruptcy bid

independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 27643.html

Dunne discovers that being caught lying to a US court has consequences !


He is a slimy one insnt he. I doubt the US courts will continue if he wants to drop it, unless someone in the justice dept is really pissed off at him for his “forgetfulness”.

Hmmm … what’s the latest on David Drumm ?

Desperate for his dealings with Gail to remain secret.
It’s intriguing.

It appears Drumm is influencing others…

independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 31687.html

Drumm’s $1.5m bill spurred Dunne’s bankruptcy u-turn -

God Bless him.
In his time of need, it is the Irish taxpayer he puts ahead of himself.

We need more patriots like him…

US court told of plans by creditors to block Dunne’s bankruptcy withdrawal bid
independent.ie/irish-news/us … 43393.html

Dunne application to have bankruptcy dismissed challenged by creditors

irishtimes.com/business/sect … -1.1910096

That’s what can happen when you open up Pandora’s box !

Seanie didn’t think having US Federal Court Official going thru the books, & getting sworn statements was a big deal; but if that Official finds evidence of wrongdoing, they’re legally obliged to report it; & if the wrongdoing is attached to the court proceedings, the offences are Federal ones. Martha Stewart got send down for just making a false statement to a Fed !

Compare and contrast with McNamara, clean bankruptcy and back in business.

irishtimes.com/business/sect … -1.1910096

You’d have to get some satisfaction if this were to pan out in such a way that she too would be stripped of ‘her’ worth.

So have I understood this properly?:

Dunne: “If it may please the court I’d like to file for bankruptcy.”

American court: “Sure thing, let’s go through everything with a fine tooth comb and see what we see…”

Dunne: “Oooh…er…a fine tooth comb you say? Surely a regular comb will suffice?”

American court: “Fraid not.”

Dunne: "Ehh…ahem…if it pleases the court so I won’t bother. Sorry to be a nuiscance! Good luck and thanks :-GC "

American court: “Just a minute Mr. Dunne…we’re not done with you just yet; we’ve found something quite interesting here and we might need you to stick around for a while.”

Dunne: (gulp) :frowning: *

*Anyone wanna fix/edit my script (as it’s only a first draft) feel free.