Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


rte.ie/news/2014/1202/664133 … ankruptcy/

Expensive hide and seek


Isn’t he lucky that his wife is independently wealthy …


She had a lot of love & affection to give.


Does anybody actually know what Gayle’s contribution to the business was?

I have no idea but I find the “former gossip columnist” line frequently parroted by the Irish Times a bit snarky and misogynistic. She may not be a rocket scientist but it’s not like genius was a prerequisite for short term success in Irish property development.


Her company did some interior design & fitout for some of Dunne’s properties.

Plus she ironed “the occasional shirt”.

And of course you can’t put a price on “love and affection”. Oh wait, she did…


she was the brains behind “D4 stores”

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you can say that again


…which was closed and converted back to meeting rooms as soon as Dunne lost control of the hotel. But the question should be, who sis the fitout of D4 Stores? I would be interested to know.


Ian Keogh of the SBP on Sean O’Rourke this AM:
Apparently Gayle now owns a 5 star hotel in Sth Africa that was formerly in Sean’s name. Trying to sell it at the minute
Gayle is trying to buy a 5m gaff in London at present
There are doubts over whether they still are a couple. When asked that question during the bankruptcy hearings she refused to answer or was evasive


A 2nd Christmas inside of a month :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The Full IT Story

Its ok Sean, they’re just bluffing, you can spin them any old yarn, don’t worry, they wouldn’t dare touch you :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


Permission refused

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I hope that this :

means that the ownership is a legitimate issue (and may be considered in any future application).



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Mr Dunne previously said that he gave his wife €100m in 2005 “for her love and affection”.

I am seriously under pricing my love and affection. or isn’t it meant to be priceless?


There was also ironing involved.


Certainly some class of laundering :-GC


Excelleint :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:




Ironying, maybe?


independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 22853.html


Anyone surprised by this “revelation”?

What are the repercussions for him over this if any?