Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


I personally am shocked. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. Perhaps his wife engaged him as a project manager in return for ironing some shirts?


Why would his wife engage him to do anything if he won’t even acknowledge that she is still his wife when the question is put to him.


Because of his expertise as a developer. I’m sure it was an arms-length transaction.


Supreme Court: Sean Dunne loses bid to set aside bankrupcy.



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No mention of the chess set.

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Killilea’s stalling tactics coming unstuck:

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Gayle Killilea loses South African court appeal
Wife of developer Sean Dunne loses fight to retain proceeds of sale of Cape Town hotel


She got hit for the costs too. Pity the Rand is low.


Dunne’s wife appeals US court ruling - -> independent.ie/irish-news/co … 46813.html


It is of paramount importance to Sean Dunne “to get free of the shackles of bankruptcy”, lawyers for the developer have told the High Court.
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Anyone see the movie “The Big Short”? Remember the scene where they go to Florida to look at some of the properties associated with some of the sub prime mortgages they had selected at random. And the realisation hits them that the whole mortgage situation is a sham waiting to collapse.
Well, if they make a movie about the Irish side of the crash, this is the similar moment below

Dunne says he did not visit €58m Dublin house before buying
Developer tells bankruptcy official he viewed Shrewsbury Road house from outside
irishtimes.com/news/crime-an … -1.2846163


Attempts by the missus to avoid discovery of documents relating to the transfer of Sean’s interest in assets in (SA and Ailsbury Rd. etc) to her to limit their availability to his creditors, gets short shrift from the beak.

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Buyers shun Killilea firm’s US properties over financial fears - -> independent.ie/irish-news/bu … 45737.html

Killilea fights to keep financial data from Nama - -> businesspost.ie/news/killil … ama-375346

Hibernia Reit dragged into Dunne bankruptcy battle in America - -> independent.ie/business/hibe … 67381.html

Killilea poses new questions for Hibernia Reit in Dunne bankruptcy row - -> independent.ie/business/kill … 87208.html

Archive: Frank McDonald visits Sean Dunne’s former €58m residence - -> irishtimes.com/news/ireland/ … -1.2846849

Who owns the Cypriot firm that owned Walford mansion? - -> businesspost.ie/news/owns-c … elp-375845

Trust for Desmond’s children pays €14.25m for Walford - the house that once sold for €58m - -> independent.ie/irish-news/co … 02056.html


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Oh dear :laughing:


Shocking that she has in excess of €50m of assets…


Get the tissues ut…Gayle and Sean are no more!

independent.ie/irish-news/co … 47837.html

Anyways the gist of this latest court appearance is to get the order on reducing her assets below 50m lifted


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Here is the brochure for the house.

octagon.co.uk/wp-content/upl … ochure.pdf


was someone looking for a cleaner recommendation recently? :smiley:

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Quite a long article to say the least. :slight_smile:


That’s definitely a ‘wow’ moment. Not like Irish Judge’s to be tough with anyone

I loved this peice

The brass neck to make a claim like that