Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


was someone looking for a cleaner recommendation recently? :smiley:

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Quite a long article to say the least. :slight_smile:


That’s definitely a ‘wow’ moment. Not like Irish Judge’s to be tough with anyone

I loved this peice

The brass neck to make a claim like that


Judge SLAMS Dunne as “deeply dishonest” and keeps him in bankruptcy for **ANOTHER 12 YEARS.


Did Dunne take out a bunch of bananas at any point during proceedings?



Wish that judge had been on the Lowry case! :imp:


Now that he has been dealt with the next key decision one expects will concern his equally principled wife.

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The Indo now has the Dunner story.

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With this coupled with the Ben Gilroy judgment, is it too much to hope that finally judges are getting fed up seeing absolute chancers taking the piss?

Are we about to see a tsunami of tough judgments?!


Ms. Justice Caroline Costello, Taoiseach’s granddaughter. Ready to give both barrels to this jumped-up fraudster. He thought this would be the end of his bankruptcy but it’s only the beginning 8DD


Well Gilroy messed around banks and receivers who no one really believes fully, and rightly so. So he got lots of chances

Dunne’s mistake was to treat his fight against the Bankrupty Official like he would a normal civil fight in his business career.

When you’re involved in a Civil case for the first time against a slippery customer you are shocked at how much lying, concealing, misstatements, evasion and histrionics in their sworn affidavits. You spend your own affidavits contradicting them. A lot of the time both sides are concealing and evasive. And judges are used to this and weigh things up.

But in this case his counterparty was an Officer of the High Court. The judge took all his affidavits as inarguable facts. Dunne clearly didn’t understand the risk.


Another court loss for Gayle:

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Tick, Tock. Tick Tock…


The trustee of Sean’s American bankruptcy is back in court, trying to recover the assets he gave Gayle. She professes ignorance …of everything.

She responded that she didn’t understand how such things were worded.

“You have a law degree, do you not?” Mr Curran asked.

“I do,” Killilea replied. “Not a Swiss one.”

Remember these assets, if recovered, would largely go to NAMA i.e. the Irish taxpayers who are stuck with Anglo’s loans.


Insulting the intelligence of the court is standard practice in Ireland and our judges will believe six impossible things before breakfast if a witness swears to them.

In America - not so much…