Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


I could easily think of 52 fuckers like Dunner who I’d like to see dead simply to be able to talk about them properly.


Fair play to him!


The system is working as planned.


Heard this in RTE news this morning

rte.ie/news/2013/0424/385279 … ankruptcy/


Someone give Brendan O’Connor a shout , Im surprised he hasnt already done his sindo piece on the hard life the Dunnes are facing in the US.
or maybe they have found a new ‘adaptor’ makes sense given American sockets are different 8-


From the examiner website he is "paid $20k+ per month by the company he set up according to the news. No mention of the various houses in the US. Truly America is the land of Opportunity

Dunne reveals liabilities of €719m


irishexaminer.com/breakingne … 93350.html


Is that 30m what he paid or what it’s ‘worth’


Have no idea HM and who decides what its worth, Gayle is some woman talk about standing by your man…


Claire Byrne about to discuss Mr Dunnes assets and liabilities radio 1


Wife of bankrupt Dunne plans $150,000 gym and cinema upgrade to home -> independent.ie/irish-news/wi … 79445.html

House linked to $4m in loans -> independent.ie/irish-news/ho … 79371.html


You stay classy Gayle.


That. He’s some knacker, with apologies to the drug dealers and metal thieves among the travelling and welfare communities.


Ulster Bank missed Dunne ‘12 times’ - -> independent.ie/irish-news/ul … 97126.html


NAMA moves on Dunne over office block - Cormac McQuinn -> independent.ie/irish-news/co … 94980.html


Dunne ‘order’ thwarts Nama - Justine McCarthy and Mark Tighe -> thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/new … 2013_05_11
12 May 2013


Dunne’s ex-wife hires lawyer to monitor bid for US bankruptcy -Cormac McQuinn -> independent.ie/irish-news/du … 85772.html


Hmmmm. Could we see another good man brought down by his spiteful ex-wife? :wink:


…poor Sean…


Awful shame. But for a man that isn’t ashamed to pick a penny off the floor I’m sure he’ll handle it.



WGU’s best yet? Maybe not, but I really like this one…