Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


According to Tomorrows Indo Mr Dunne says he is " Not Au Fait with his wife financial affairs"


Dunne won’t say if wife Gayle will join list of creditors - Orlaith Farrell -> independent.ie/irish-news/co … 58929.html


independent.ie/irish-news/tr … 34719.html


Why does this remind me our abortion legislation chaos?

Oh, I know; it’s because of the way that we love to export our problems to other countries while we stand around with our collective thumbs up our arse unable to take a step forward & do something for ourselves.

A nation of thick, illiterate fucking peasants is what we are !!! XX


Declared bankrupt by the courts apparently…


Sean’s very lucky that his wife has had such a successful career and has so much independent wealth that is totally unrelated to the businesses that Sean has now been bankrupted over.





How does an Irish bankruptcy affect him if he is living in America ?


The Colleen Rooney of Ballsbridge…


Mr McCann said there was an urgency to the case because of what he described as “voluntary” and “gratuitous” dispositions in favour of Sean Dunne’s wife in the past five years.

Such dispositions could be void unless the debtor was solvent at the time.


Indeed picking pennies off the floor in Doheny and Nesbitt.


If Sean Dunne wasn’t allowed to get away with declaring bankruptcy in the U.S. how come the likes of McNamara and the rest have been allowed get bankruptcy elsewhere? Is it down to the zeal of the bank that happens to be chasing the debt?
Dunne owing most of his money to Ulster bank as opposed to a state owned Irish one? In fact when you think about it there was very little attention paid to Bernard McNamara who was a massive developer whose debts are a big as anyone’s.


Two main factors I think.

  1. Greater creditor control over the process.
  2. I think this falls under the old bankruptcy rules which would mean 12 year restrictions on Dunne here. Even if it’s the new rules it’s still six years.


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again - many debtors who went to the UK and the US to declare bankruptcy are not only not going to get any advantage out of it, they’re going to discover that the US & UK authorities won’t put up with the messing they might get away with here.

In entirely unrelated news:
independent.ie/irish-news/tr … 34719.html



Visa Application would be interesting. “You, see. I’m a really big deal; goanna bring loads of money over and create wealth in your country!”


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contempt_o … ted_States


Bloody Sure … the pathetic business of the ‘out of town for I don’t know how long’ explanation was akin to the. ‘Mammy said she’s not in’ excuse and I hope those pins for the notice on the door were long and crooked enough to. warrant full polyfilla and paint repair afterwards!
Dunner and Drummer might end up being shipped home in the one crate yet!


As far I know, the UK brigade (McNamara et al.) do not seem to have transferred their assets to their wives before moving to get bankruptcy. That’s what Dunne is alleged to have done to provoke Ulster. For asset transfers not done @ market value or done as gifts to a spouse, you have to solvent when you make the transfer under Irish law. Foreign courts are quite respectful of this law of ours.

Could be that McN and co just saw the crash earlier. Certainly he was one of the first to publicly acknowledge he was bust.


Gayle gets €30,000 a month from property portfolio - Cormac McQuinn -> independent.ie/irish-news/ga … 11778.html


Dunne trying to thwart assets probe, court told - Orlaith Farrell -> independent.ie/business/iris … 15284.html