Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west


Not something I’d like to be accused of in front if a US bankruptcy judge.
Wouldn’t think they look too kindly on such actions.
The request for his passport gives an indication of potential consequences.


It is sort of gleeful to see these guys attempts at the sort of buffoonery and bluster that seemed to work for them here not been tolerated in other juristictions. Some of the ‘tourists’ to the UK also found out that the law elsewhere demands a bit more attention to strange concepts like ‘truth’ and ‘clarity’ - very unsporting of them!
We should have sub-contracted the tribunals to Americans - there would have been a lot less tolerance of the blustering and selective amnesia, absolute distain really I suppose, displayed by our one-time great and good!


Dunne’s Hume House is being lined up to be sold.
bought for 130m but it and 2 other high profile buildings will only bring in 100m for NAMA

irishtimes.com/business/sect … -1.1504117


Oh the irony, NAMA selling the Bloodstone Building in an attempt to get money from Sean Dunne

lisney.com/Commercial/Bloods … lin-2.aspx




Just fyi, that was a Bloomberg scoop on Friday.


Yes, credit where due.
bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-2 … rties.html
as reported by Neil Callanan


Our scoop today (already most read on Irish Times Biz section)

bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-2 … s-bet.html

There is more: bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-2 … s-bet.html


Gayle got €14m from sale of Ireland’s most expensive residence - Ronald Quinlan -> independent.ie/irish-news/ga … 80155.html


irishtimes.com/business/sect … -1.1549450


Dunne for Irish (& US) bankruptcy

rte.ie/news/2013/1206/491261 … nne-court/


What a complete coward that man is.



cf.broadsheet.ie/wp-content/uplo … ge-001.jpg

Dunne says that gifted Gayle Killelea 100m.
Brewster’s Millions must have been his inspiration.


Slightly interesting if they actually did something back in 2005 ie before the crash actually happened. Shows some forward thinking.


“My only regret is that I didn’t gift more”

… because one Walford is never enough?


There’s financial independence… and then there’s becoming one of the wealthiest women in the country (continent even?) over a stir fry brekkie


Ugh, every time I read about Dunne’s antics in court, it really makes my blood boil. He is taking the absolute piss out of the legal system in the US and Ireland. I wish the judges would have a little less forbearance for the grade-A runaround he is giving to everyone, and actually soften his cough in the slammer until he learns how to answer a simple question fully and truthfully.


Run around?? what run around?

On mature reflection…


Possibly she found him, In flagrante delicto, with a Lady-Boy, & in penance he gave he a few quid :angry: :angry: :angry: