Dunne ducks out of D4 and heads west

I know I’ll get nothing I want for christmas. But it is my sincerest wish that Dunne gets a painful lesson in life and finds out that he picked the wrong jurisdiction for shenanigans.

Impatient Dunne shows he is eager to get back in the game - Simon Carswell → irishtimes.com/business/sect … -1.1628996

Ode to Gayle
I love my wife with all my life
Even more than a model Brazilian
But even she, so dear to me
Aint worth €100million

Gayle Killilea has a ‘privacy right’ on her bank accounts, US court hears - Orlaith Farrell → independent.ie/incoming/gayl … 09006.html
04 December 2013

Maybe I wasn’t reading the earlier coverage attentively enough but I didn’t realise there was a question mark over whether the 2005 transfer was genuine. It was only on Prime Time last night that I understood it was an undated document that they didn’t rely on until much later and there is only their word that it was actually agreed in 2005.

100 artworks hidden behind fake wall at ‘Dunne house’ House ‘owned by an Isle of Man company’ - → politics.ie/forum/economy/20 … ost7513540

:open_mouth: Wow, surely the yanks will go to town on him over this.

Dunne won’t be bending over to pick up loose change when they send him to the big house.

I’m delighted he got caught.

I am sure all the purchases can be traced directly back to the Gayle’s personal accounts. That would just sort everything out.

Between this and McFeely’s stash under the bath, it starts to make the Quinns look positively canny. (“Nuttin’ we can do yer honour – we lent it to a Ukrainian security man and he won’t give it back.”).

Churchfields, The K Club, Straffan, Co. Kildare

any idea if this is Dunner’s gaff - his place has been variously mentioned as over looking the 16th hole but I reckon that’s impossible from the map here
i.pga.com/pga/images/rydercup/20 … erview.jpg

I wonder did it include the chess set?

Hume House, along with two other buildings on Sir John Rogersons Quay (also Sean Dunne connected) look like they will be sold to Blackstone for €100m:

irishtimes.com/business/sect … -1.1646305

Bankrupt property developer Sean Dunne has applied to the American immigration authorities for a green card as he seeks to reside permanently in the United States… Ian Kehoe reports in the SBPost

Sean Dunne has applied for green card to stay in US indefinitely → independent.ie/irish-news/se … 10024.html

Ex-Nama exec targets Dunne’s former assets - RONALD QUINLAN → independent.ie/business/exna … 89099.html

From Twitter
Frank Fitzgibbon ‏@FrankSunTimes 17m

SunTimesNews: It’s taken a while but DPP and gardai are finalising strategy to extradite David Drumm from US, writes @JohnMooneyST

Dunne gifted wife €60m for house - Orlaith Farrell → herald.ie/news/dunne-gifted- … 52737.html

lots of coverage in the Times and Indo
irishtimes.com/news/world/us … -1.1708874
independent.ie/irish-news/co … 52970.html

Amidst all the ridiculousness the quote that jumps out at me is this one:
“he said he was so wealthy in December 2008 that Ulster Bank released a loan charge over an asset to “let me do what I want with it – I could have bought a horse with it or went to Las Vegas with it”"
I really hope he got his years mixed up - or else what on earth were Ulster Bank doing?

irishtimes.com/news/crime-an … -1.1731099

was there something on in Paris last weekend?

I think it there was a competition for the Worlds biggest perjuring bastard award … oh, & the rugby of course. Not sure which Sean, & the Fragrant, & very wealthy Gayle were attending :angry: