Dunne Hotel Group goes under: SBP

There was an opaque reference to this on a thread that got closed down Friday. The Dunne Hotel Group had 7 hotels in the Mid-West and West including the Two Mile Inn on the Ennis Road, Punch’s Hotel in Limerick, Woodstock Hotel in Ennis plus one in Galway etc. They recently sold 2 of the 7 hotels.

Will ARW allow us to talk about this?

And what is being done about this?

There is no disputing that Ireland is now one of the most expensive countries in the world. Are we “worth it”? We might be convinced that our shit smells sweeter than most, but is anybody else?

It seems to me that the Tiger is dying of arrogance.

This is not the matter to which I was hinting in the closed thread. Bigger story if true. The Mods are correct to be cautious.

A sun holiday for a week on the Med is cheaper than staying a weekend in an Irish hotel, go figure :slight_smile:

They will have some job liquidating €86m worth of hotels in the current climate.

At least two are trading profitably that I know of , maybe even all of them . Whether they pull in €86m for them is another issue.

Thanks again to Aer Lingus for pulling the plug on Shannon and to Noel Dempsey for using his 30% stake to exert leverage on the Board , Not :frowning:

Tullamore Court Hotel is heavily advertising midweek breaks for €150 per person sharing. I just don’t see this as value compared to a trip abroad.

What? Home of the Taoiseach? Tour of the ghost estates included? Supermacs only round the corner? The third dirtiest town in the country? (with a bit more practice we’ll be number 1!). Mr & Mrs YMs youngest weeing in the hotel pool? Tullamore has everything for the discerning traveller

If you just take the word ‘discerning’ out of the last sentence then it would be spot on. :wink:

Can’t say I’m hugely surprised. We had two company functions in the Shannon shamrock around Christmas time, and the food and service were way below acceptable standards. And as for the two mile Inn, I guess it’s a case of reaping what you sow, no money spent on redecorating, modernising (cleaning).etc.

A friend of mine works in a hotel in that area also, and says bookings and room rates are down everywhere. The raft of hotel special offers in the media just don’t seem that special.

I stayed in the woodstock in december for €25 a night, the place wasnt great and it was supposed to be 4*, its really 2* with a leisure complex attached

The hotel busines sis a tricky one. Running an operating profit is a long way from making it economically viable. Consider the following:

As an owner operator you have a lot of capital tied up (especially in Ireland!). What you might appear to be a healthy profit could provide the most paultry return on capital - meaning you would be able to cove interest, or if you have 100% capital invested you might be eanring leass than 1%pa.

The capital burn is horrendous. A hotel will look downright shabby after only 3 years. You spend a lot of money keeping a hotel up to stratch.

Owning hotels is a good way to lose money, even when the market isn’t swamped with supply.

Oh I don’t know. The Supervalue offer of three nights midweek B&B with one dinner thrown in and kids go free for 99euro per person sharing looks ok to me.

Some friends of mine have used it recently and were delighted with the offer. They also told me they didn’t have to fulfill the shopping quota at Supervalue since those on the checkouts are apparently very liberal with the tokens!

supervalugetawaybreaks.com/i … ngroupid=1

You know something is rotten when holidaying domestically is ruled out on grounds of cost.

I agree that the supervalu offer appears to be be a good one if you only look at the price you pay to the hotel. (the GF has been filling up cards religiously). However I was referring to the no strings attached offers open to the general public, that do not involve having to shop in an overpriced supermarket for months on end. When you take into account the additional premium that you pay in supervalu for your groceries I don’t think this offer represents super value. Note price rises to €119 per person during July and August.

I travel a lot around Europe with work and whenever i have to stay in hotels here in Ireland i always feel I’m being ripped off.
Almost everywhere you go in the world hotels charge you on a per room basis.
For some reason “Ireland is different” and it’s based on a per person sharing.
they then throw in a dinner you don’t want since the quality of food in hotels is awful 9 out of 10 times.
And then think you’re to stupid to do the maths and add up what they are charging you for the actual room.
When you take these “special offers” It usually works out way north of 200 euros a night.
For that money you can stay in some amazing 5 star places all over the world!!
But then again why would you when Tullamore is only a short drive away??? F£$%£*

This really grinds my gears.
Since about 2004 I’ve been staying in Hotels a lot. When we were in the US we took to the road almost every second weekend to go somewhere. It genuinely was great value even before the Dollar fell and became even better value.

In Ireland it’s just not worth it. If you drive anywhere you’ll be stuck in traffic, and it’ll take forever to get there and back, and you pay through the nose for the hotel when you get there. I’d rather just stay at home.

We drove out to Howth yesterday, couldn’t park anywhere, had to turn around and drive home, ended up having lunch within walking distance of home wondering why we wasted our time going out there.

With Howth we can take the Dart so it’s not a big deal, but we had the same experience driving around Clare a few weeks ago, as soon as the sun comes out you can’t get anywhere and if you do you can’t park when you get there.

Time for a new slogan I think:

Ireland…It’ll make you want to stay at home.


That’s the problem right there. In Dublin as soon as the sun makes an appearance, the entire population of the city simultaneously gets into their car or hops on the Dart/bus and heads to the nearest beach/park green space - in case it happens to be the last sunny day of the year.

There’s no problem getting parking in Howth on a wet winter’s afternoon :slight_smile: