Dunphy lashes Mansergh & Fianna Fáil on M Finucane

Very heated debate. Mansergh and his FF chums totally misreading the anger out there.

Celeb death match begins at 40:49 into the following clip


What is it with Mansergh? Have you noticed he raises his vocal volume levels when one comes in to challenge his comments, really, really annoying chap.

Martin sounds like he is already a bit shy of a quota in Tipperary South next time out 8)

Marian took no crap from Martin either , fair dues Marian .

125% mortgages , jeez :frowning:

Mansergh appears to make a habit of blowing his top.

Mansergh is - and I use the term literally - a tool. He has the brains and the ability to know better but he allows himself to be used as a catspaw for the FF elite, defending the indefensible. Hence the over the top feigned outrage and shouting, as though he can convince himself and others with bluster and bombast when he can’t do so with reason. I had a great deal of respect for him based on his role in Northern Ireland, but he’s rapidly using up that reservoir of goodwill.

Banana Republic !!!

Hat tip Eamon.

I agree.

His fuax intelligencia is sickening… it’s as if he thinks pontification like a Dean of Oxford will fool the public that his message is different from the clap trap shite being offered up by the other fools in his party.

Agree Dunphy did very well in this debate and it was great he spoke up. But I can’t forget his performance on the Late Late show (about a week ago) when he happily took part in a show which choose to celebrate sport on the day the Day jobs in Del went and the economy was clearly down the tubes. There was a chance to challenge one of the architects of the downfall and the ever-grinning Kenny.
Eamon was happy to dance a jig at the crossroads with Bertie until he lost money himself in Anglo.

I don’t like Eamon, but he was excellent on this. 100% pulling up Martin on everything he said. Martin tried to act indignant and shout him down but Dumphy was having none of it. I was waiting to start hearing slaps coming over the radio.

smack “No you’re a stupid head” slap

Not looking to defend him in general… but in fairness… the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the GAA was not the place to attack Bertie…
Nor was it the place to have either Dunphy or Bertie in the first place… but that’s another issue.

It would have been exactly the right place.

the man is responsible for the destruction of the state.

At one stage a few years back Dunphy was accusing Michael McDowell of the most “heinous” crimes in the history of the state, when the next morning he be all pally and jolly with Martin McGuinness. :unamused:

The arsehole would probably be best buds if it was Bertie on the air with him (the ol’ rogue, sure he never hurt a fly!) but as soon as you put a private-school type in front of him he sees red.

I’m no defender of the PD’s, FF or SF but jesus wept, Dunphy’s a flip-flopping tool who’ll judge you less by your policies, actions (lack of?) or political affiliations and more by the accent you have.


Manseragh vs Dunphy? Who cares what either of these people say?

But its good to see that* the dinosaurs are eating each other*.

Funny to hear Mansergh accusing Dunphy of populism and then later hearing reports of Lenihan saying that they acted in the way the people wanted them to act… laugh? I nearly bought bank shares!

Poor Martin. He’s like the nerdy schoolboy who’s fallen in with the schoolyard bullies, and will do anything now to stay in their graces. He comes from the same part of the country as myself and a lot of people would have voted for him in the hope that he might be able to do something for the locality (Tipp Town never saw the Celtic Tiger) and that he might bring some decency and honour to Leinster House. Unfortunately he has disappointed on every count: not only has he failed as a clientelist politician but every time he opens his mouth on the national stage it is only to defend the indefensible. He calls to mind Ernst Janning’s speech to the court in “Judgement At Nuremburg”: “And Ernst Janning, worse than any of them because he knew what they were, and he went along with them…”

Mansergh’s ‘debating’ style is one of my pet hates. Basically he’s a filibuster(er). He has nothing to say, but when he’s given an opportunity to speak he slows down, lowers his tone, waffles on, and then when someone tries to rescue the debate, he accelerates, raising his pitch and screeching over the other speaker. Very very fu*king annoying.

Welcome to Crony Ireland XX

Finucane gets €450,000 for presenting two w/e programmes for 30 weeks a year.

Dunphy was making €500,000 on Newstalk 106

Manseragh says he’s drawing a salary for a dummy ministerial job.

Surely she gets €450K for delivering the ABC1 numbers to the advertisers?

Time to start pin casting again BD

The sucking-up-to-the-establishment instincts of a finucane or a kenny derive from the fact that they are grossly
overpaid. These people loved the status quo. “Celtic tiger? Looks good to me!”

No-one should be suprised that so few questions were asked by the meedjah.

Nevertheless, it is staggering to think that, only a few short months ago, finucane gave Sean Fitzpatrick free rein on her show.