Share your nightmare visions of the future.

Personally I think the longer-term future is incredibly bright. Advances in medical science and nanotech may mean we can live for hundreds of years by being able to re-generate our tissues and organs. Advances in communications will mean that the truth wins out more and more against spin and deceit that has hobbled us since pre-historic times. In the interim though I think we’re heading for some very very rough waters.

Live for hundreds of years?!? That is a nightmare vision of the future alright!!!

Power constructs and fear would mean that any such advances would be restricted to a small cabal and would precipitate a breakdown of society into various Mad Max scenarios IMHO.

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If only I could give up the fry ups :slight_smile:

3 more years of FF.

I expect this nightmare will come to pass, and we’ll have a government lurching from crisis management to secret deals for the boys. Our loss of sovereignty we be served to us as an inevitable consequence of circumstance, and we’ll be made to feel grateful to our new overlords. Either that or no buyers will be found for our State, and then you may as well start cutting turf and and eating bark.

Ireland leaves the EU as part of a cunning plan. The departure turns out to be the entirety of the cunning plan.

Ireland becomes Albania, but without the stable currency. I spend the rest of my life picking slugs and caterpillars off my cabbages.

There is no future the future is now!!!

i hope there is a popular uprising/major political upheaval in my lifetime.

when i look at history, i cannot believe how docile and compliant society has now become, when people are obviously being skullfucked all their lives by a powerful & utterly corrupt elite.

tyler durden, come on down

Dystopia is not really a major political upheaval. That might be dystopian to a Fianna Failer but I was talking about the shotgun and beans scenario, don’t turn this into some glimmer of hope thread. :smiling_imp:

Those caterpillars are a good source of protein.

Oops sorry,

Beverly Cooper Flynn Taoiseach, Michael Lowry Tanaiste, Frank Fahey Minister for Finance, Donie Cassidy Minister for Education, Jackie Healy Rae Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bertie President.

How’s that for Dystopia?

OK I’ll have a stab.

Bottom line: Massive socialisation of housing in Ireland- but only after high-debtors/mortgagees are put through hell and back. The government ends up owning huge swathes of the housing stock and rents it back to people. Cost of this borne by everyone, hence what I mean by “socialisation”

To get to this point, I think theres gonna be a lot of grief. With the recent increase in the number of gardai I reckon the spike in anti-social behaviour will be contained. But barely. The moral hazard of everyone being ‘bailed out’ means nobody takes ownership for anything in the public realm. If you think the Irish anti-social tendency is bad now, its gonna get worse. Much is vandalised, attacked, robbed. Everything else gets nailed down and tamper-proofed. Retail premises, grocery shops being more or less all that’s left, become fortress-like. Buses and taxis fitted with bullet-proof screens. 50% of gardai are regularly armed. Accusations of garda “abuse” is largely ignored.

Ironically the safest time will be the turning point. In the days and weeks leading up to Bretton Woods III (symbolically arranged in the same hotel by Obama standing side-by-side with the Chinese Premier) the country will be under what will be essentially martial law. But, ironically for first time in ages, people will actually feel safe.

Showing my age here, but in the 60’s I remember a famous comedy show (Rowan & Martin Laugh-in) joking about the then Governor of California and former actor, Ronald Reagan, becoming US President. Talk about a joke…

This is why any ‘shotgun and beans’ scenario is miles off the mark…anyone who has been involved in education recently would know that the past decade of students (and probably extending a good while further back) are utterly apathetic and apolitical. The whole system in the country depends on total acceptance and compliance and acceptance of what the teacher says. And because this is ingrained in NS, reinforced in secondary, it becomes really a struggle to break this system in third level, and to get them question anything. Because the ‘empty vessels’ system predominates, being a passive learner is successful, and even more so, it pays to be strategic. So everyone does the minimum required (to get the degree, to get a job, to get the year abroad, to get the round the world trip).

So 8) - the shotgun won’t be needed - unless it’s for shooting rats in the 100000000s of empty apartments left after everyone’s gone to India (or wherever) to pursue the same standards of hedonism that they’ve enjoyed at a budget cost.

Yeah, I’m kinda surprised xman that you imagine there’s any kind of track record in Ireland of social insurrection.

Think back over the last 5 or 6 centuries of the various Irish ‘uprisings’. In ever case those who were involved were a tiny fraction of the population. In fact, the majority of the population, wasn’t just ambivalent, they were actually hostile to those who were rocking the boat. Its a matter of record that the survivors of the 1916 rising were attacked by Dubliners on the way to custody. The English soldiers had to protect them from the people they were trying to free. A couple of weeks later & after the executions started, & everyone adjusted their position & I’m sure they all claimed that they were behind the rebels right from he start.

We might like to think we’re free spirited rebels, but the majority of Irish have less backbone than your common earth worm when it comes to actually standing up for something the believe in. And by God does it pain me to say that. :frowning:

Compare this with the French for example, who’ll down tools & start burning livestock at the drop of a hat.

So there you go, all we need is for the English to execute a few people like DMcW & we’ll be grand.

Sidewinder made this excellent point a while back, not sure here or back on the AAM thread. I reckon the problem could be solved by incubating a love of critical, independent thinking into the kids as a matter of public policy. Get them right at kindergarten age, and keep going thru to 1st year secondary. Put intellectualism and analysis on a pedastal, not rote learning or the safety of falling back on what others are thinking. All you have to do is spend some time with teenagers from say France or Canada, to understand just how bereft of individuality young Irish kids are. It is improving though…

Social services are cut drastically in marginal areas.

No emigration because of nowhere to go.

Rising crime and anti-social behaviour ensues.

Rise in racism and xenophobia toward non-Irish born people.

Far Right party emerges and gains popularity amongst the newly unemployed.

Unexpected occurrence in the North sees it all kick off up there again.

Extreme nationalism overlaps with racist undertones proves very popular with the disaffected

All the while gun crime and hard drug culture continue to strengthen as they offer only way to make money for young men while access to firearms is at an all time high

It keeps raining

Bord Fáilte have a hard time flogging holidays

Not really much of a change there. Same same really.

If they cut the social services that will make us happier as we will have something new to whinge about after all the deserving don’t deserve to take it off of the undeserving.

Let them eat brioche.

Or more likely, let them eat Cuisine de France - the true symbol of modern Ireland.

Ireland changes its name by deed poll to New Albania.

IMF called in as New Albania goes into receievership

Johnny Logan & Dana team for the Eurovision with a song written by Shay Healy called All Kinds of Euro Savers. Due to confusion amongst eastern Europeans over the 2 Albanias, Ireland wins.

Co location is extended to cover the Revenue Commisioners and An Bord Pleanala, those who can afford it hire their own tax and planning inspector.

Barak O’Bama changes his name to Barak Von Bama to avoid embarassing questions about his New Albanian heritage.

Albania sues Ireland in ECHR for using the term “New Albania” and wins. Ireland ordered to pay 1 zillion new punts (about 50c in the old euro money) and hand over Eurovision trophy.

Due to mounting injury insurance claims, the GAA ban running on the pitch, Linfield win All Ireland double.

Public Servants take 50% pay cut to bring Clerical Officers pay into line with bank directors and cabinet minsters. Bank Directors immediately submit new benchmarking claim. Cabinet Ministers and back benchers stage 5 day sit in in Leinster house leading to the longest running Dail term ever.

IMF pulls out of New Albania citing breaches in health and safety regulations.

As part of his campaign against 3rd world debt, Bono petitions world bank on behalf of New Albania. World bank cancels all New Albania’s debt on condition that Bono shuts the fuck up. Forever.

New Albania changes its name to New Hibernia, elects a Fianna Fail government and starts rebuilding …

. . . and rebuilding . . .

. . . and rebuilding . . .