EA guff and gaffs recorded for posterity

To kick things off, Savills HOK. To think that only a few months ago Ireland was bullet proof. This from February:


Well, nobody is calling Irish equities overvalued after a 20% fall. Now, about those overvalued house prices…

See, as long as the ISEQ keeps rising houses are safe as houses… oops…

A late 40% recovery over November December is all that is needed to delivery on this prediction…

Hi geckko,

There’s already a stickie for recording the learned quotes of our beloved VI’s…

What they said, when they said it. Quotes from VIs.


You know the ESRI are not issuing their mid term review until May or so next year… That’ll make it almost six months late! Keeping bad news under wraps before christmas perchance?

ISEQ will be under 7000 by year’s end. :open_mouth:

This document is superb, first time I have seen it.

Would I expect this? You would expect this. I might expect this. It would be bad if this was expected. No? Yes.

No, no, no. It’s going to 11,000. Savills said so… :smiley:

Get with the program TUG… sheesh! :unamused: :laughing:

I know the idea of the Pin issuing press releases has been rejected before but somebody should really get that into Matt Cooper. He’d have a field day with it. And its definitely in people’s interest to know what the industry were saying just **8 months ** ago.

This is so funny - the whole population should read this… :laughing:

They expected the housing market to underperform equities this year :open_mouth: then again they could still be right!

I’d say the stock market would be at 11,000 now if they would only get rid of that pesky stamp duty on Gaffs? I remember there was an upward surge in the ISEQ when first time buyers were exempted from it!

I also heard it had a bit of a bounce when the Ideal homes exhibition was on, but it was gone after David McWilliams article in the sb post.


Financials and property related stocks weigh heavily on the index, so ***some correlation *** between house prices and the ISEQ index would be expected. As of Sept 2007 the following are the top 10 weighted stocks on the index …

Rank / Company / Indicative Index Weights / Sector

1 / CRH plc / 16.5% / Construction
2 / AIB plc / 16.4% / Financial
3 / Bank of Ireland plc / 12.6% / Financial
4 / Anglo Irish Bank plc / 9.9% / Financial
5 / Ryanair Holding plc / 7.8% / Travel & Leisure
7 / Elan Corporation / 6.7% / Pharma
8 / IL&P plc / 4.4% / Financial
9 / Kerry Group plc / 2.8% / Food
10 / Kingspan Group plc / 2.3% / Construction

And then, of course, don’t forget there’s the remaining 53 listed companies whos activities impact on the index … or not. :unamused:

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