EA Listing a house as Semi-d or Detached and it's terraced

How can EA’s list houses as detached and semi-detatched when in fact they are terraced?

It’s bugs me… i put in search filters and yet come across house after house thats listed as semi-d or detached and then the picture of the front of the house is terraced!

GRRR… False advertising?!


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1735845
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ole/133071
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1545684

Anything we can do about this???.. starting to really annoy me!

First 2 are end of terrace. A lot of people would consider to be the same as semi detached.
3rd house was originally semi detached, but has an extension.

Is that really your biggest gripe about house advertisements?

Plus looks like you went looking for these - I don’t know of anybody that’s genuinely looking for houses in both Clondalkin and Mount Merrion at the same time…

I didn;t go looking for them. Rathcoole & Clondalkin came up in my searches and the mount merrion one was discussed here viewtopic.php?f=23&t=41336&hilit=+terraced

Yes this really is one of my biggest gripes about advertisements do EA’s really think if they start off the ad by lying that people are going to be interested in doing business with them?

agreed Pinky too much vendor / EA bashing on here … we need to have some perspective too.

what a patronising git.

An end of terrace house is semi-detached. What’s wrong with calling it semi detached

What do you mean by that?

There was poster on a very similar thread on this site who made a point (probably from experience) that if you’re the end terrace house your back garden becomes the access route if the neighbour(s) needs to get some work done around the back.

Also it’s much more likely to become a hangout for teenagers than a non-end-of-row semi-d.

At least one plus too though, in my experience terraced home owners are more aware of noise being a nuisance to neighbours than semi-d owners. A semi-d owner will only disrupt one house with noise; if you buy an end of terrace and the neighbours were noisy or have a loud dog or something they’ll be bothering the next house along as well.

An “end-of-TERRACE” house is semi-d?! Now just reading that… it’s says that’s wrong. It’s not semi-d it’s TERRACED!
Your gonna have the next door neighbour knocking in asking “would u mind if we kept our bins in your garden it’s just we’ve no side gate! Etc.ETC!”

If there’s more than 2 houses attached in a row it is terraced. It’s just wasting everyones time advertising a house as semi-d or even detached as in some of these cases and it’s terraced!

Right. But it isn’t false advertising. It is factually correct. And I personally would like to see an end of terrace house returned in a search because it is semi-detached

I always considered semi detached to be a set of two houses on a plot sharing a single party wall between them with no other attached properties, not just a property that’s only attached on one side like an end of terrace. It’s, to an extent, semantics but whether it’s technically correct depends on what semi-d means to you.

Possibly EAs don’t scroll down that far on the myHome posting page or expect users not to - EoT comes up below holiday home and country house, a lot of people may not scroll down past those.

Sorry OP, my original response was written when I was having a bad day. What I was really wondering is whether the mislabelling of a few houses as semi-detached really your biggest issue with house advertisements. As you said yourself, you can see from the photo that it wasn’t semi-d - how much of your time did that waste?

I have bigger issues with EA descriptions of properties - how many times have I seen phrases like ‘lovingly cared for’ or ‘comfortable’ or ‘recently extended and modernised’ to show up and find a house in completely run-down condition. Or my old favourite ‘in need of modernisation’ to find a house with no heating, that had been vacant for a number of years, and had most windows broken.
I don’t think the issue is as big as your original post might have suggested.

As for end-of-terrace vs Semi-d, in my opinion the house you linked in Mt Merrion shows exactly whats wrong with what’s commonly accepted as semi-d in Dublin. Houses are built with adjoining garages and no access between them. Then once people convert their garages they’ve technically gone and created terraced houses - but try to explain that to the owner.

As for terraced houses, and access - some rows of terraced houses have rear access so that wouldn’t be a problem in all cases. There is a huge difference in terraces between various estates, and I wouldn’t automatically discount a house for being end of terrace. In some cases they can be better than semi-d because you should have a large side entrance / garden that you might not have in a semi-d unless you get a corner site.

But, as groom1 pointed out, some buyers who are using the ‘semi-detached’ label as a search criteria will be happy to consider an end of terrace, to it makes sense for the EAs to include these.

Honestly, if this was the worst sin committed by EAs and/or anyone on the VIs with the property market, Ireland would be in a much happier place. In the scheme of things, its no more than mildly irritating

I didn’t say it was the worst sin that EA commit but it is frustrating. Ok so SOME people might consider end of terraced as semi-d but some might not and I think those that are genuinely interested in buying terraced will do a 2 second scroll and pick that choice!