EA/Property Finder in Île-de-France

I’m looking for a good EA or Property Finder in the vicinity of Paris. They must speak fluent English as my French is extremely rusty. Alternatively, an Irish or British Agent who specializes in that area. I’m NOT looking for someone who specializes in properties 500k+ (as many of them do). I want a 1 bed or studio to use as a pieds-à-terre.

Personal recommendations or accounts of your experience buying there from Ireland would be most welcome. I don’t have enough time to go and search personally but I am reasonably familiar with Paris and some of the environs. I’m a cash buyer.


You could post here as well:



pap.fr is an internet site with owners selling their property, having just sold a property recently in the ile de france, my estate agent told me after the sale had gone through that they expect property to fall and to fall for the next few years especially with hollande in power. we sold with a drop of 15% to sift ours. our agent in the barbizon area has lots of property on her books she cannot shift. that maybe too far out of the city for you?