EA shenanigans

A couple of months ago saw a property with AMV rather than asking price, viewed, asked about bids and was told there was a bid in of 95k. The sale has to be bank approved, but it is the owner selling rather than it being a repossession.After some to and fro bids and counter bids I ended up the highest bidder at 120k. Cash sale.
I really like the property and have been looking /bidding for a year now -;between survey issues, banks refusing offers etc am fed up. Thought my offer was a fair and strong one.
However, the EA has only put an offer of 95k to the bank, the other 25k is a cash payment to the vendor.
I will be gutted if the bank rejects my offer but think the 95k is low ball. Decision is dragging on - EA keeps saying end of month should bring a decision, how long does a bank usually take to decide.

I know but I didn’t know it at the time I made the offer. EA only let me know this last week. My first instinct was to tell him to go jump.
I can keep my moral high ground and loose the only house that suits my needs/location/budget or what? Is there anything I can do other than walk away?


Didn’t end well for me. After 9 months and a load of messing around, estate said it ended up in court and judge ordered a repossession order on it. Taking off the estate agents hands (and mine) wouldn’t waste my time again with a forced sale or a repo.