Eagle Lodge, Sydney Avenue, Blackrock (-7.1m, -71%)

Was 9 million


Now 10 million


Easy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It didnt sell at €9m, so they increased the price to €10m.
Hmmm … intelligent decision ! :stuck_out_tongue:

“I don’t buy anything for less than 8 digits” Celtic Tiger Truism


Prices in Blackrock now the same as Beverely Hills. Property Slump. What Property Slump :unamused:

latimes.com/business/investi … 3409.story

If you’re gonna price it to not sell you may as well make sure that it’s not selling at as high a price as you can not get for it.

More impressive to be unable to sell a house worth 10 million than one at 9 million

I guess the seller tired of people bidding 30% below the asking price. So the idea was to raise it 10% such that a 30% down bid is much closer to the original asking price. How smart!
Sadly I think such tactics just deter buyers. Anyone who would potentially buy that place will know it failed at auction and for how much etc.

Incidentally, VERY nice house. However, there is a very similar house for sale for the same-ish money on Wellington Place. Blackrock or Wellington Place, Ballsbridge (5min walk to St Stephens Green). Pretty obvious which one is better value, even if they are both over-priced :astonished:

10 million didn’t work.

Back to 9 million


Open to correction but this appears to be available to rent, 11.5k p/m.


€11,500 x 12 = €138,000 p.a.

@5% yield, this equates to a selling price of €2,760,000.

Selling prices at the very top end of the market are not yield driven.

The rent on this property is approximately 50% of the rent of a 1 bed in Gardiner street (on a square foot basis)

In reality the rent of this type of property is driven by the demand from the corporate sector.

Who else has €11.5k (plus bills of approx 2k) per month to spend on rent.

The kitchen is state-of-the art Christian-style kitchen

What on earth is a Christian kitchen when its a home? One out of which pops Dana singing devotional elevator music whenever you fire up the gas burners?

I also love the psychological disconnect between asking 11.5k a month rent and the first line of the ad being To view text/call Des @ 086.8602386. It seems much more like the sort of contact details you’d see for the very 1 bed flat in Gardiner Street that Landlord refers to

A bit of a commute for a Premiership footballer!

My favourite part of this ad:

Er, I think that goes without saying, Des.

Now 3.75m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ck/1707734

Question to mambo

I do not understand where this appears on myhome, but it is hidden in there somewhere. When you put in a price search, south dublin, 1 million minimum, this house does not appear on the myhome list which results. But when you hit the url that you provided in your post, it does appear. Something queer with the myhome search feature?

Probably related to the fact that it doesn’t have “Dublin” in the property name/address?

To Mambo

Thanks you were right – thanks for that.

i would snap this up but the dosent appear to be a garage for my Bentley lol XD

Sold for €2.9m - €362.5/sqft

71% off 2008 asking price

Full story and history of home available at:
dublinestates.blogspot.com/2012/ … venue.html