Eamonn Dunphy with Paddy Kelly Saturday morning

Did any one catch thsi show I only got bit of it
Property developer Paddy Kelly I think he is involved in the Bray Town centre
His thoughts
The government is doing a great job
Yes there was a massive over build but there will be shortage of HOUSES NOT apartments in Dublin next year
Things will be back to some sort of normality end of next year
We wlll all be amazed by the performance of Ango Irish Bank in the coming weeks months, as it is managed by really clever people and this is a bank that is in a very good position this was repeated a few times
Dunphy asked him if he could sleep at night as he has a huge debt to the banks, no problem sort of it will all be fine.
As I said I didnt get all of it but what I did hear was fascinating

I heard the last 15 minutes of the interview and initially I thought Dunphy was interviewing a bishop. He was asked if he would build anywhere. He did mention location, location, location but he basically said that he would build if planning permission was given - even if this was miles away from any facilities.

He blamed government on the mess we are now in.

He was very snug (I’am all right Jack). He appears oblivious to the mess that developers like him have left behind them and said that there was no point in dwelling in the past and that we must look to the future.

What was Dunphy doing interviewing this guy in the first place? It’s not like there is a public interest in him, or even that he is well known. I never heard of him. Why was he afforded an hour long show, that has a reasonable listenership, the opportunity to spout his views? The whole think stinks!

of course he should be allowed to express his point of view. people will the realise how ridiculous it is ( hopefully)

Was it the Paddy Kelly who heads up Redquartz Developments ?

I assume it’s the same Paddy Kelly who founded the Thomas Read Group (now run by his son Simon) which went into examinership this week.

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … tml?via=mr

Good man Paddy. Pour me another pint of your priceless wisdom while you’re at it.

Dunphy interviews all types on this show, he did say something like “Paddy you have the happy gene as I know from meeting you socially” so whether Eamo knows all these lads.Earlier in the interview Mr Kelly descrbed how he and his wife had ben Lloyd names and had lost a lot of money, but he had bought the debt off the bank and thus saved himself from ruin.Go figure
Is this up on the web or repeated as what I heard was fasinating.
Any particular reason he was pushing the Anglo angle surely he could be trying to curry favour with his bank??

Who is Paddy Kelly…?

It is the Paddy Kelly of Redquartz


Dunphy mentioned that he had met Paddy Kelly socially not too long ago. I got the impression they had talked about golf over some free Champagne. One of Kelly’s recent projects involved the purchase of Sawgrass golf resort in Florida.

And the very same Paddy Kelly of Thomas Read Group (correction he didn’t found it, he had the amazing foresight to buy it for top dollar off of the founders in 2005):


Ah yes the Celti tiger is alive and well and thick as a plank, just goes to show that in a lot of cases luck was more apparent then design. :unamused:

Paddy Kelly said something to the effect that we should all have compassion and look after each other…Wow! I’ve never heard that before from a developer…and neither has anyone else!! Fair play to Dunphy, he did pursue the point with him!

Missed that bit was he trying to pull off the MIck Wallace thing?, Mick I feel is fairly genuine about a social consciencse not sure about Mr Kelly