Eamonn Ryan Green - Is this why he was a pale green?

I was always amazed at the u-turn the Green Party did on their principles , Green principles , in general in their dealings with the banks. Im not getting into where they ever Green in the first place.

Anyways I just had the misfortune of having to listen to Eamonn Ryan Green Party, ex minister , on Newstalk. He was doing a little chat about memories of his life and musical connections.

Anyways it turns out BOTH his parents were Bank Officials, spent all their lives working in the bank .
Eamonn Ryans father went onto become the head of PR for AIB .
Eamonn went onto talk at length of his admiration for his father, whos a great character ,and Eamonn has a deep fondness for him.
I respect his close bond , thats not my issue, but I wonder just how much Eamonn would still be seeking his approval in all he does, just like any boy does for their dad…

I think I got MY answer. I dont know if it will be everyones explanation of why Eamonn Ryan played such a key role as The Greens cosied up to all those banks, but Im sure some psychologist could get a thesis out of this paternal syndrome.

And the D4 cappachinos intellegentsia complain about the culchie politcal dynastys outside the pale being the ruination of the nation … go on up the yard.

(Im basing this on HIS statements on the radio, any factual inaccuracies yu an take up with him)

The Greens are upper middle class . Need I say more ?

I was told this by a member of the greens some years ago to explain his actions. I thought I had mentioned it. Sad shit really. Who knows people with connection scan get all kinds of preferential treatment from what I have heard. You just have to have your fingers on the pulse.

Very interesting BoB. Head of PR at AIB? That’s the devil’s work!

What years was the dad in AIB? Recently or ages ago?

Peter Mathews worked in banking too, would he have chosen the same route were he in power at that time?

I think the green party were motivated by keeping the coalition alive at all cost and lacked the nous to realize what mistakes they were making both for the party and the country…but maybe I am underestimating them

I think you mean hey were motivated by keeping their ministerial salaries at all costs.

Eamonn Ryan’s first speech to the Dáil is worth reading. Particularly with regards to his views about the culture within the banks. It really makes his subsequent acquiesence to the banking heist all the more tragic (in a Greek sense). He knew the enemy that he was up against. He knew they were a pack of rats, but yet he didn’t have the courage to stand against them.

Sorry yes, being more specific I should have said ‘keeping coalition alive, therefore their grip on power, therefore their salaries and pensions yadda yadda’

It was implied though

This quote will come in handy surely:

Yes indeed. That stuck in my eye too. ‘Hardworking and honest’? I’m surprised he didn’t include politicians and used car salesmen. As for ‘straight’? who knows…

Well, that would be my experience of them too, but then I know a few lawyers personally, likewise a few accountants and one (investment) banker. However, I’m not foolish enough to either generalise the lot of them from my experience nor to fall into the average damage trap - the worse will do all the damage; individually they can do a lot of damage; there only needs to be a small number to do a lot of damage.

It’s different from the few bad apples, though, as the nature of the job, in the case of bankers, encourages looting. In the case of lawyers, morality can be excluded by following the rules. In the case of accountancy, they have become a branch of the Revenue and this provides them more cover than it should.

Speaking as an accountant and former banker, I find my lawyer to be straight, hardworking and honest. :laughing:

Accountancy being a branch of the revenue? Possibly, up to a point, but I find the profession, particularly at the higher levels, to operate more or less as a branch of the establishment, full stop. There was an interesting little spat on a private group on Linkedin recently about this:

mediacontact.ie/mediahq/uni … spute.html