Earth Lockdown - "Climate Change", the final move to enslave the world real good

Back in 2008 they made millions of cars obsolete changing the road tax rules. On top of that, nct scam forced huge amount of good vehicles to be scrapped for minor but expensive failures (I had to dump my 25 year old Mazda 626 for small bits of corrosion which they were poking with screwdrivers, she was so comfortable to drive).
Now, it seems every building is set to become uninhabitable and obsolete. These houses rotten anyway, with lack of heat and increased moisture inside mould will take them over in no time, which means increased mortality.
It’s becoming ridiculously dangerous to live on this, beautiful but raped, island.


Electric mini digger, works for 2 hours, then requires 8 hours on a diesel generator to be fully charged.


Belongs best here. Go forth.

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2010 pin said…

The Menace are attempting again to Murder Jesus and Santa with their Mafia/media accomplices.

What will You do. For You and Your Children?

For All.

Depends where you plug them in.

Most public lighting is on an unmetered standing charge.

I may have wrongly assumed that the Christmas lights were connected in to them each year.

“Sweden’s largest tomato grower is being forced to shut down because they cannot afford the electricity prices. 500 tons of tomatoes gone. Are you regretting listening to the climate change fanatics yet?”

In Fact, it’s Eight Per Cent

Don’t live.




Granny is going to freeze to death this winter.

Nursing homes will become mortuaries.

And a message to the virtue signalers…

Stop this stupid war. For one thing - you will save countless Ukranian lives.

I mean - you do like Ukranians and grannies ? Stopped vitue signaling all of a sudden ? It’s tough having to recalibrate so often, right ?


We know. Most people in this forum are well awake, it’s a great place to share links, info & insights so we can try & wake up the rest elsewhere!

My family are all jabbed & Slava Ukraine, old friends mostly too. New friends have been made, trying to strengthen those links now, figure out what to do next irl.

Problem is, the more I look at history & early Christianity (including the more interesting Celtic & Coptic “heretics” - as defined by Rome) the more I genuinely think they want Ireland to end up a barren rock, with nothing but data centres, and totally scrubbed from history.


First, Ban the idea of food.

Next, ban food.